Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Playing on Easter

April 24th- It was beautiful outside so we decided to play outside a bit before church. I was surprised the girls did not ruin their dresses. They had fun chasing Uncle Kevin. Grandpa had to catch his flight so we said good-bye. The girls loved visiting with them.

Easter Dresses

Easter 24th- My mom made my girls the cutest Easter dresses and purses. They looked beautiful. Aunt Christy made matching headbands. My mom bought them tights and shoes (Lexi's were a bit large so she made due with her black shoes)

Lily loved the purse and carried it all over.

Lexi actually posed for a few pictures!!!! Mom did you put magic in those dresses? Lexi NEVER poses.

Close up of the adorable headbands by Christy!

Finding Easter Baskets

April 24th- HAPPY EASTER!! I love Easter and finding Easter baskets. Lily found hers right away and was so excited. She loved carrying around her basket. She especially loved all the candy!

Lexi found hers behind the curtain with the help of Lily and Lily's chocolate nose.

Egg dying

April 23rd- Lexi loves dying eggs and insisted on dying everyone's egg. She chose colors for everyone and all the eggs turned out so good. She was so proud of herself.


April 23rd- We went to Fudruckers with Dad and Kevin for Kevin's birthday. The girls had fun playing on the toys and with Uncle Kevin.

Playing ball with Grandpa

April 23rd- Grandpa played with Lily rolling a ball around. Lily picked up on it quick and rolled the ball back and forth. I am really impressed with how quickly Lily catches on to things. What a smart girl!

Chocolate Faces

April 23rd- Lily with her chocolate nose found the chocolate Grandma Webb had gotten for the girls. She quickly had it all over her and me! Ewww! She is so cute with a chocolate face!

Easter Eggs

April 22nd- We did so much Easter weekend, I have tons of pictures! I just want to show off their cute dresses, but we will get there. Grandpa came up for the weekend. He played with the eggs with Lily. He put them together and she took them apart and said, "Uh-oh" It was cute.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Looking back

These pictures were on my camera and were never printed or anything because they were on the camera and not on a memory card. This is Lexi at about 2 and a half? Jer? She has hair so I am thinking this is right. These are so cute!!!

Snow storm! My poor Aloe Vera plants are dying!

Lexi experimenting with my makeup. We went through a stage where she wore my makeup more then I did. Sad I know. December 2008.

Lexi and her boyfriend Wesley. Wesley is a baby so this is definately December 2008.