Friday, June 29, 2012

Fun weekend

 June 23rd- My dad was out visiting and we had so much fun. He got to meet Krystal, Kevin's girlfriend. The girl's honestly monopolized most of her time. We put together a puzzle and tackled Lexi. Grandpa with the black truck put together a swing set that he got for the girls' birthdays, The girls loved it and have not stopped playing with it since.

Grandpa with the swing set that he and the guys put together. It is the perfect size for my girls and just needs for us to put sand in the sand area. Thanks again Grandpa!!!!

The Princess Festival

 June 23rd-I love the Princess Festival! We have a blast. Every year Grandma Webb takes us to the princess festival where we get to meet all the princesses and fairies. It is awesome.
 We first saw Peter Pan, Hook, and Tinkerbell. Lily was being super shy and not wanting to pose for pictures, but she warmed up eventually.
 Lily watching Lexi take pictures with people from a safe distance.
 All the princesses are super nice. This one lead us right to Rapunzel.
 Lily finally started to get closer to the princesses.
 There were lots of craft stations that the girls loved. We quilted for sick kids in the hospital, made bookmarks for troubled teens, and drew pictures for soldiers. These are things that princesses do.

 Tiana and Ariel.
 We went on a carriage ride. The horses were Nick and Dick, brothers who were never apart. It was fun.

 Since we got there so early, we had no lines for Princesses or things like this.

 Lily's favorite Princess. Lily sat on the floor near Belle and Belle got down right next to her. It was really cute.
 Lexi's favorite from last year was the 12 dancing princesses.

 Lily did really well and did all the dance moves.

 After we saw everything the girls stripped off their princess dresses and ran around in the splash pond. It was a wonderful day!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Wizard of Oz

 June 22nd- I went to see The Wizard of Oz because Rhonda was in it. She did great as the munchkin coroner and ensemble. Even Walter and Liney were in it and were super cute little munchkins. It was fun to see her, it had been way too long.

Monday, June 25, 2012

 June 21st-So even though we have lived in the house for over half a year, apparently we never switched the gas over to our name. Oops. So the gas finally got turned off by the previous owners. So I called and had the gas turned on, but they don't turn the switch on. So Kev and Krystal were over babysitting and we decided to attempt turning it on. It was harder then it looked and we did not have the greatest selection of tools. We had a blast doing it though. Next we turned on the pilot light for the water heater. Did I mention that I had just gotten home from Derby and was stinky! I love Kev and Krystal and all the help they have been giving me lately.

Good Job Lily

 I hear giggling in the hallway. I run out to find my little Lily cleaning the walls and having a blast doing it. She had not made a mess, she just felt like cleaning.

Leg Wrestling

 June 2012- After parties are always interesting, especially if you are sober. This night we did leg wrestling. Danielle and Lady are champions, but Jer did beat both of them.

Lady beat Jer once too.

Monday, June 11, 2012

June 9th Derby game

 June 9th- Another derby game. I am getting better and better. I kicked some tail as pivot. Apparently I was pivot once. I didn't remember that.

 Me playing Jammer (I am an aweful Jammer) being helped by my girl Bon Bon.
 Halftime I got to see Kevin and Krystal, my big fans

 Just got called out on a penalty.

 Going in for the hit.
Group hug. We all love each other, even if we beat each other up on the track.