Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kristal's Bridal Shower

 April 5th- We had a Bridal shower for my brother's future wife Kristal. My mom, Grandee, sisters Jen, Christy, and Maegan came up along with Trever and Em. It was a lot of fun. Christy and I went shopping for some delicate items for Kristal and we had a blast. Geoff, mom, and Christy spent the entire day cooking. It was amazing!

This is Kristal pulling away one of the "delicate" items as I was taking a picture of it. Hehehe.

Happy Birthday Em!

 Christy came up for Kristal's shower and ended up being here for Em's birthday so we had a little party at Brandi's house for Em. She has gotten so big and just gets cuter everyday (I know it seems impossible for this child to get any cuter, but she does) I had fin watching her eat her cake and open her presents.

Happy Easter


 The girls got up and had to hunt for their Easter baskets and eggs. They loved finding eggs in the freezer and other odd places.
 There were eggs in some of their shoes.

 We all got lots of candy and the girls got stuffed animals.


 The kids and I decided to do some painting. Lily got all covered with paint.

This is just a cute picture of Lily.

First Derby game of the Season

 This was our first game this season and we won! We had a lot of fun. Our team worked together so well.

Lexi's play date

 Lexi begged to have a play date so we invited her friends Isaac and Hyrum over to play. They had a lot of fun. She even convinced Isaac to marry her.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My birthday part 3

 This is the last of the day when we decorated cookies and died Easter eggs. The kids were eating all the cookies with sprinkles so I didn't get a picture of those. The kids loved dying eggs. Wesley ended up with green hulk hands.

My birthday part 2

 This is at build a bear.

 They each kissed a heart to put in my bear.

The dress we chose was the green one on the right.

My birthday part 1

 March 29th- First of all my friend Andy took Lexi out shopping to buy me some birthday presents. They had a great time together and they chose some great gifts. They got me a pair of shoes, two lotions and a spray, a headband, and two CDs that I really wanted. The morning of my birthday we got up and got Krispy kreme donuts. Then Lexi went to school. When she got home we went to Chuck E. Cheese. The girls played like crazy and I watched a movie on my laptop. We then went to the mall to Build a Bear and the girls made me a super cute bear with converse shoes and a green dress. Finally, we went to Allison's house for dinner. We decorated cookies and colored Easter eggs. Overall, it was a great birthday.