Sunday, August 18, 2013

Braids at work

 My co-worker Andy is really great at French braiding and one day 3 of us decided to get our hair done. Ricky got his go-t done and Nathan and I got our hair done like twins. It was so funny!

Nathan and I with our twin hair

Vacation to CA

June 29-July 6- The girls went to CA for a week. Lily went with Grams, Lexi with Grandma Webb

 Lexi went to the beach, LEGOLAND, the Zoo, and Sea World

 Lily went to Knotts Berry Farm, Rain forest Café, the beach, swimming, and a park.

Lexi's Birthday

Lexi turned six. We had a birthday party for her at Grandma's house. She also got to have Reagan over for a sleep ver. I still need to get pictures from dad or grandma of this.

Roller Derby on Parade

 June 22nd- My roller derby team was in the Pleasant Grove parade and I had the kids so I dressed them up roller derby style and they came in the parade. Lexi walked the whole way. Lots of people we giving out candy, so she picked up all the candy left on the street and Lily held it on her lap in her stroller. They made out like bandits!
 Here is the girls in front of one of their favorite floats
 Me with my cute girls.

We saw Alice and the Mad Hatter

Our Fancy Picnic

 June 6th- We went on a fancy picnic at the park. We packed a lunch and wore our fancy picnic hats. The girls played on the playground and I got to relax and read a book. It was a lot of fun.

Lexi looses her first tooth

June 5th- Here is Lexi with all of her baby teeth. We were wiggling and wiggling the tooth and it didn't seem to be getting any looser. Then Lexi bit on my finger as I was wiggling her tooth and it pushed my finger and the tooth down. Then the tooth was just hanging on by a thread. Lexi had the babysitter, Ashley hold her while I finished pulling it out. The problem was that her roots were not disintegrating. I went to roller derby and while I was gone Lexi lost the tooth. Ashley told her she could write a note to the tooth fairy and she would answer it. I got home from Derby and we found the tooth. Lexi left a note saying she wanted a piece of the tooth fairy's dress and her name.

The next morning the tooth fairy had come. She left Lexi some money, a piece of her dress, a pack of gum, and a note that said her name was Aluishious Lucinda. I made Lexi that tooth pillow. Not my finest accomplishment. ;)

Our two park day

 May 31st- I picked up the girls from Grandma's house and Lexi had decided that she wanted to go to two parks in one day. I figured gymnastics was out so why not. We went to Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove first. We had so much fun playing on the tire swings and all the different stuff they have there.

 Lily loves the rocket ship they have there.

 Here are some random pictures of Lily and I.
Next we ate lunch, then went to Bicentennial Park in Provo. I didn't get any pictures there, but we still had fun.

Kindergarten graduation

 May 29th- So instead of a cap and gown graduation, Lexi's class did a program with songs, poems, and dances. It was really cute and really long.
 Lexi helped perform a skeleton poem with two other boys.

 Here is Lexi in one of the dances.
 Lexi also performed in reciting "The little red hen."

 Lexi is one of the youngest in her class, but one of the tallest.
 Lexi with Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Owens
 Lexi with me.
Each of the kids had to choose an animal to do a report on. Lexi chose the chinchilla. She loves them. Her chinchilla is the white animal next to her.