Friday, November 18, 2011

Lexi wanted her ears pierced!

November 17th- Well on the way home from Vegas Lexi announced that she wanted her ears peirced. I was shocked! I thought she would never want to get it done. I also thought that since it was Sunday, she would change her mind before I could get her in. I have been super busy this week. Monday Dinner with friends & Derby practice, Tuesday Derby Scrimage, Wednesday I worked late, Thursday (we actually had plans, but they were canceled) so I had time and we went. She did great!

She got a little nervous before hand. I was sure she would back out, but she was so brave and went through with it. I am telling you, once this girl makes up her mind, she goes for it. Kind of like her mama in that way. :)

Checking to make sure they are even.


Right after the poke. She was upset until I told her how cute they were. She then looked in the mirror and was super happy.

The finished product, so beautiful!

Derby Scrimage

November 15th- So on Tuesday my Derby team had a scrimage. I have not been there long enough to take the skills test so I didn't play, but my team had a lot of fun. I came to support and to watch a game in action. This is Skates writing Su su's number on her.

I recognize Chaquite, Cookie, and Gift.

One of the ref's helps Cookie (Danielle) with her shoe laces. Holly is in the background.

Wow, the girls go fast.

Jer came with the girls as well as Zack, Kylie, and Indie. It was fun to meet Zack's girlfriend.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Springs Preserve

August 12th- While in Vegas, we went to the Springs Preserve (I think that's the name). We watched a live bird show with all sorts of animals.

One bird took money and put it into a donation box.

Lexi loved all the fake animals.

Lexi got a chance to pull a prank on Grandpa Massey and Grandma Lauri. She had them stand under the yellow bar and then sprayed them with water.

They had an exibit on The Scoop on Poop and all about the waste system, conserving water, etc.

The water faucets were super cool.

Trying on the Skates

So I had both pairs of my skates with me and Lexi and Zack tried them on. On the carpet they did okay, but on the tile, they were constantly falling, it was hilarious.

Falling all over.

Going to Vegas to see Grandpa

August 11th- Lexi and I drove down to Vegas to see Grandpa Massey and Grandma Lauri. We had a great time. We went on lots of walks (I brought my skates to practice) and we even walked to a park. The kids (grandpa included) loved playing on all the toys. Also on our trip we went to the outlet mall, Cici's Pizza, Denny's for breakfast, and the Springs Preserve.

We loved this swing thing and everyone tried it. It felt like you were going sooo fast.

Grandpa and Lexi on the balance beam.

Our four way teeter totter

Grandpa still able to keep up with the kids.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween Night

October 31st-I started off the night by making some fun mummy hot dogs and spider cupcakes. I thought I ought to try to be festive. The kids loved it! So Lexi had decided to be Santa before and then Halloween morning woke up wanting to be a fairy princess. I worked so hard on that costume! I didn't want to be a Halloween grinch so Jer dove into the dress up box (thanks Maegan) and found some great wings, skirt, etc. Lexi loved giving out candy, but was super excited when grandma showed up to help take her trick or treating. Our neighborhood was a bust, lots of no candy houses (more then those giving out candy) We put Lily down to bed and then Lexi and I went to MaryMegan's house for her party. It was super fun with the best caramel apples I have ever had! After the party Lexi was sad that she didn't get to go trick or treating much so we went around MaryMegan's neighborhood. It was awesome. Lots of people, almost every house, and everyone telling Lexi how cute she was. So Halloween turned out pretty amazing!