Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Peanut butter and sprinkle sandwiches

My girls got hungry while I was scrubbing the floor. They made themselves some sandwiches with peanut butter and sprinkles. Yum. They also made a mess. Oh well.

My Trip to Wendover

 It was Kacey's birthday and she wanted to go to Wendover to celebrate. We had a lot of fun. We ate at a buffet, played the penny slots, danced, and had some fun people watching time.
 The buffet was soo good!
 Us playing the penny slots.

 We went outside for fresh air (it was smoky) and some guys went buy who were so drunk. They threw beads at us. One of them face planted. It was hilarious.

Water fight

 The girls got me water guns for Mother's day so we filled them up and were playing with them. We decided to get Kevin and Kristal when they came over, but we didn't want to leave them defenseless so we left them some guns on the front steps.
 The girls and I hid in the front room.

 We chased them outside and got them good. I mostly was shooting with my camera.

 Afterwards we had pizza. It was so much fun!

Lexi's soccer game

 Another Lexi soccer game. I just love to watch all the kids play.

Lexi got an end of the year medal. She was so excited about it.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kevin and Kristal's Wedding

 April 26th- I flew up to Portland to see Kevin and Kristal get married. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding. Lily keeps typing for me so  this is all.

Grandpa the nail painter

 Lily brought down some nail polish and asked grandpa to paint her fingers and toes. He did and he did a great job. Then Lexi came over and her toes done. It was really cute.

Another soccer game

 Another soccer game. Grandpa was in town so he got to see Lexi play soccer. He said it was liking going back 20 years when I used to play.

I saved $250!

 So my headlight went out and the repair I looked up the part and it was $109. I bought the part and waited for my dad to come into town because I figured for that high of a labor cost it was going to be expensive. Well it took my dad and I about 8 minutes, mostly because my dad let me do most of the work.