Friday, September 24, 2010


September 21 - Lily somehow managed to get herself stuck inside the chair. What a funny kid.

Lexi saw Lily stuck and couldn't get her out so she joined her.

It was a little cramped in there.

But they loved it!

What cute girls.

Guitar Practice

September 20 - We had a doctor appointment for Lily at 6:00 (ear infection) and some time to burn after work so we went to Carrie's house to play. Carrie let Lexi play with her guitar.

Lexi loved playing with the guitar. She is still learning to smile for the camera. She also had fun playing with Carrie's dog and cat-Daizee and Mia.

Family BBQ

September 18 - Gabe is in town so we had a family BBQ with the most amazing food. The burgers were out of this world. So was the thing Ann and Royce made, cookie salad? We made rainbow jell-o.

Ann and Royce

Gabe holding Lily. Lexi wasn't giving him the time of day, but Lily absolutely loved him and he adored her.

Oh yeah, Gabe is almost as tall as me now. Crazy how fast kids grow!

Another cute one of Gabe and Lily. Jer in the background holding Mitch.

Jer, McCoy, Mitch, Gabe, Lily, and Lexi smiling big for Grandma.

Lexi chasing me with her monster toy (because I am soooo afraid of monsters :))


September 18 - We went to a women's expo and as part of it we got a free gymnastics class for Lexi to try out. She loved it! They did all sorts of stuff. We even dressed her for the part in a little leotard. Her teacher was Mr. Joe and he was awesome. Jer and I loved watching his facial expressions.

Lexi on the small balance beam. She was a natural.

Monkey girl Lexi.

Swinging on the rings.

It was backwards day so they practiced rolling backwards.

Lexi on the tall balance beam, she was a little more reserved about this. Overall she did great and loved it!


September 17 - The next day Jer again took the kids out to entertain them so Gabe wouldn't be bored. They went to the Aquarium. Lexi loves going there. Gabe helped push Lily in her stroller.

The famous frog picture.

Lily and Jer together. She really loves her daddy and is getting excited when he comes home.

Lexi compares her kitty to the baby penguin and they are about the same size.

Gabe loved holding his little cousin.

Day with dad

September 16 - A day out with dad and Gabe. Gabe is in town for a few days and didn't want to stay home so Grandma and grandpa took the day off. Jer came home early for the release of Halo so he was there too. They went to this Pizza place that had mini golf, go-carts, and lots of food and games.

Lexi made it in!

Okay, this is a random picture at home with Lexi in her toy box.

Gabe in the go cart.

Jer and Lexi in theirs.

The race is on. Jer and Lexi start out behind but soon get ahead to win!

This picture got out of order, Lexi loved going miniature golfing.

Jump on it

September 15 - Another trip to Jump on it. Now we're going on Wednesdays and meeting Allison, Wesley, and Owen. It's great because I have someone to talk to and Lexi and Lily both have playmates. Well Owen isn't old enough to play with, but soon he will be.

Allison brought us cookies and Lily kept reaching over and grabbing them.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The things they say

Yesterday, September 19th, Jeremy, Colleen, Lexi, Lily, and I were going for a walk. When we go on walks Lexi sometimes asks if she can scream, which we let her. She has to be quiet a lot in the Webb house so when we get out I guess she likes to let loose all that extra vocal energy. Anyhow, she's been sick and she tried screaming yesterday and it came out all quiet and crackly. She started saying, "My scream is broken. Mommy, my scream is broken." It was sad and cute at the same time. We assured her that her scream would get better.

The search for rainbow jell-o

September 8th - When I was a little girl my family went to The Plantation, an amazing restaurant that is now closed. The best thing about going there was the rainbow jell-o. I haven't had it in forever and I wanted it really bad so I decided to start looking for it. I found numerous recipes that looked like they might be it with pineapple juice, cream cheese, evapoated milk, sweetened condensced milk, etc. I chose four of them and decided to have a taste off. Here are all of my taste testers.

The four very different recipes. The bottom right was the winner, actually named broken glass jell-o.

Lexi geting into the taste testing. She loves jell-o.

Another cute picture of her.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Food Fight

September 6th - FOOD FIGHT! All the food before we got started. Whipped cream, yellow jello, and cranberry sauce.

The fight begins. Lexi told Jer he wasn't allowed to get Reagan's parents, at least not unless they got him first.

Everyone when it was over. It was so sticky!

Jer covered in all sorts of gross-ness.

The back of Ryan was covered. This is his famous food fighting jacket, at least it's been at all the food fights I've been to.

Ryan, Danielle, and Kyle. Danielle's ear was packed with whipped cream.

I loved this hand print.

Time at the Park

September 6th, 2010 - Jer's friends were having a food fight at the park and we arrived early so Lexi got to play. She loved the swings and insisted on sitting oddly in the baby swing.

Lily enjoyed the swings too.

Pound it Lily girl.

Having two parents is great, we each pushed one. Lexi went on a bunch of other things, but I was with Lily so I didn't get pictures of all that.