Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My work's Thanksgiving Dinner

November 13th- My work has a huge Thanksgiving Dinner each year. We made 8 turkeys, mashed potatoes, yams, stuffing, almost 300 rolls, gravy, and tons of pie. This was us all goofing off in our off time. Hilary and Ricky.
Me pretending to take charge of the kitchen

Me, Ricky, and Dennis
Me with some of the pies. Below is Tom and Carrie.
Hilary being goofy.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Halloween 2 part 2

 I am so out of order on my blogs! Here are the girls on Halloween

Cole Fagnant

 Allison had her baby on November 8th (his due date) He was 8 lbs. 3 oz. He is so cute! She let me girls hold him and they loved him. I think he looks like Wesley.

 Oh, the little feet!

 Lexi grabbed my camera and started getting pictures. My rear looks huge, but lily looks so cute.

Snow Day

 Holy cow! We got about a million inches of snow. The first half of the day it didn't stick, but then it just started piling up. It was about 6 inches deep. I was a trooper and shoveled my driveway. A neighbor came over and helped me thank goodness. I never realized how big my driveway was until I had to shovel it.
 Proof I love my kids. I soaked myself in the freezing snow to help make a snow man.
 Lexi with her "snow princess" Yes, I have girls.

Close up of the snow princess.

Halloween 2

October 31st-So Lexi was the little Mermaid and we sprayed her hair red in the morning before school, but it rubbed out so easily that by the end of the day it wasn't very vibrant anymore. Lily was tinkerbell. I hate that it is so cold here and the kids have to wear long shirts and pants under their costume. It really makes it less cute. Pictures are coming soon.

Monday, November 5, 2012


So I made both of these costumes. If I was going to be Maleficent, I wanted to have an Aurora (sleeping beauty) to pester all day. So I made Hilary (the perfect aurora) a dress so she could be Aurora. It was fun.

Lexi's fieldtrip

 Lexi was so excited for her schooll fieldtrip. She got to ride on a bus for the first time! I was excited that I got to go. The teacher put me in charge of 5 kids (what was she thinking!)
 First we went to the big slides.

 We got a picture with all of the kids. Oliver, Maddi, Halley, Lexi, and I forgot the other boy. It started with a K.

 All of us in the cornmaze.
 Lexi was very picky with the pumpkin that she chose.
 This is Trever with his pumpkin (he is one of the kids that we carpool with)
Hailey and Lexi on the bus home.

Pumpkin Carving

 We got pumpkins to carve. Lily and Lexi loved it. Kristal was there giving us all these great tips and helping us.
 Lexi loved carving pumpkins and all day had been bugging me to get started on them.
 I did most of Lily's pumpkin. She drew on it with chalk and I carved it.
 Yeah! The lid is off!

 Lily wanted hers to have a sad face.
 Lexi did a good job with hers.
 Lily's sad pumpkin.
I love Kevin's face here.