Thursday, December 30, 2010

Drum lessons

December 29th- I don't know if everyone knows, but I am taking drum lessons to get good on the drums that I bought this year. I keep them at my work because we have a band going there where I am the drummer. Anyhow, I was needing more practice at home with all these Holidays so I brought my floor tom home and the girls went nuts. Lexi loves playing on it.

Merry Christmas!!!!

December 25th- Yeah, it is Christmas! I thought it would never come. I was so excited for the kids to open all their presents and Jer to get his. It's like having three kids with as excited as Jer gets about things. So here is our tree with all the presents.

Lexi got a huge set of Princess Barbies, thank you black Friday! She also got a pillow pet, clothes, candy, and some furniture for her dollhouse.

Lily got a few Barbies, a little people carnival and mini van, clothes, a rocking horse, and a car. She loved opening all her presents! Sad though, Lily got her finger caught under the door and lost a fingernail! Poor baby.

Jer got a cruise! He also got Psych seasons, lots of clothes, season of How I met your mother, candy, movies, etc. I got a bonus at my work and decided to keep quiet and buy Jer a cruise for Christmas.

The girls opened their presents and loved every minute of it.

Amber's blessing

December 21st- Amber came into town for Christmas and got blessed. She is getting so big! Her dress was absolutely gorgeous. She is looking a lot like Lexi did at that age. Lily and Lexi both loved playing with her.

Amber in her beautiful blessing dress.

Tim and Nikki holding Amber with Lily trying to play.

All the grandkids that were there that day. Marcus and Kaylie were not there that day.

Finally I got to hold Amber, there were a lot off people there wanting to. I love how tiny babies are!

Santa's Reindeer

December 20th - After we saw the lights, we drover over to see Santa's Reindeer. They only had two of them, and I don't know which two. It was freezing outside so we didn't stay long, but Lexi enjoyed going.

Christmas Lights

December 20th - We took the kids to see the lights at Thanksgiving Point. Both the girls loved it and were pointing at all the lights. Lexi loved the manger scene and the gingerbread house. Lily was oohing over all the colors.

Lily pointing at all the lights.

The gingerbread house. I had to time this one so the moving gingerbread man would be in the picture.

Santa's workshop.

Monday, December 20, 2010


December 15th - Jer has the kids home twice a week to save on day care and to give them some bonding time. Jer helped Lexi make a snowman while Lily napped. She had a blast. She loved her snowman. Each day she goes to give the snowman a hug and when he melted she said she loved him and sang him the Snowman melting song from Primary. It was really cute.

Lexi giving her Snowman a hug.

And a kiss.

Our proud little girl.

Our little Reindeers

December 11th - We went to Macey's Grocery Store and they were having a family day. They had tons of stuff for kids to do, lots of samples, and a Santa for free. It was awesome. Lexi and Lily decorated cookies, loved the samples, and got reindeer antlers and red rudolph noses.

They always have to be in the car to grocery shop. They are good and I don't have to drag Lexi along.

Mommy Lily

December 10th - Lily loves her new baby and stroller. She pushes it all over the house and walks with the stroller, but not without it. We are impressed with her stroller pushing skills. It's a lot of fun seeing how loving she is with her new baby.

Lily's Birthday Party

December 6th - We held Lily's party the Monday following her birthday. It was fun. We had Papa John's pizza and soda and cake and icecream. Lily got her own chocolate mini cake.

Lily playing with her stand up toy.

The one on her giant cupcake/mini cake.

Lily tested it out at first, decided she loved it, then dove right in.

Uncle Kevin and Abby came.

Ryan, Danielle, and Reagan came.

Allison, Justin, Wesley, and Owen came along.

Lily loved her came and got it all over.

Lexi and Reagan were in charge of helping Lily open her gifts and they did a great job.

Reagan helping open the gifts.

The kids looking at Lily's new train. All in all it was a fun night with enough kids to be fun and play, but not too many that it got overly crazy. We missed having Jer's family there.

Lily's Birthday

December 5th - Happy Birthday Lily!!! Our little baby is one year old! We couldn't believe it! Her party wasn't until Monday so we threw a mini party. I made little min cheesecakes from scratch and Lily loved them! We put on her big one candle and sang to her. We also let her open one present and put together her stroller she had gotten from grams. She loved it.

Lily opened her one present of the day, which was a lot of little board books. She loves books.

She wore the birthday outfit that Grandma Harmon had given her in California. I love that she even got matching shoes!

Uncle Kevin came over and helped us sing Happy Birthday to Lily. She loved having him to play with.

Lily won't walk much but she does walk to push her stroller all over. It is so cute. She loves being a mommy.

Lily and her baby that she loves!

Lily went to Grandma and Grandpa Webbs with Dad and got her present from them. She loved this too.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Decorating our tree

November 27th - We brought our tree home and were so excited to decorate it. The girls loved the ornaments, even Lily. We gave her a jingle bell, non-breakable one to play with.
Jer decorating our tree.

Me decorating it. My hair looks short in this picture. Wierd.

Lexi and her barbies helped put stuff on the tree.

Lexi telling Lily stuff.

I forgot to flip the picture! Gerr. We added pink at the last minute because we couldn't find any more light blue matching ornaments. Jer thinks it was to punish him because he's the only boy, but it wasn't. Just a color that went well with the other two colors.