Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rapunzel, let down your long hair!

 My co-worker gave me a ton of leftover plastic from a work party and so I braided it all together to make some awesome Rapunzel hair.

Grandma's house

The girls got two whole sets of presents! Wow, they are spoiled. Lexi got an easy bake oven which she had to immediately try out. She made some red velvet cupcakes. They were so cute!

Later the girls went outside and made snow angels. I made them dress super warm. Lexi's snow angel was great,

Christmas morning

 Christmas Morning- So here are the cookies that Santa ate as well as the empty milk. The reindeer ate all the apples.

We all got a good haul this year. We took pictures of this before the kids came down.

Lily went straight for the green ball. She was so happy. It was all she really wanted. Every thing else was just fluff to her.

She was so excited about the sweater Grams got her that she tried to put it on right away. It was really cute.

Lexi and Lily got horses that walked on their own. They tested them out until we went to Grandma's house.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Christmas Eve

 We went to Grandma's house for Christmas Eve. We ate yummy waffles, read Twas the night before Christmas, and had the gift exchange. The girls got to open a gift from Colleen's sister Sue.

 I couldn't resist Lily's smiley picture and super cute Elisabeth.

 When we got home we put out cookies for Santa (I was so busy I forgot to make cookies!)
 Lexi also had to put an apple out for each reindeer. (I had put quite a few back before I took the picture)

Curly hair

We went to the mall and Lexi wanted her hair curled. She sat so still and looked beautiful with her curly hair. This is what she would look like if she had been Jen's daughter. I was surprised when she even posed for the pictures.

The North Pole Express

 I am really behind because I have been super busy. Now I have a computer and the internet at home so I hope to get caught up. We went on the North Pole express, a lot like the Polar Express. We got hot chocolate, cookies, a visit from Santa, and lots of jokes and dancing. The kids loved it. Lily was a crowd pleaser and got to dance with several elves and Santa.

 Saying cheers with our hot chocolate
 Mitchel got to judge the train on which side was the loudest.
 We saw Santa at the North Pole before he got on the train.
 Me and the girls.
 Grandma and Jer
 Lily dancing with the head elf

 Another elf that fell in love with Lily. Lily saw the engine of the train go by and she got soooo excited. It was precious.

 Some pictures were blurry because there were lots of people and I had to take them fast. Lily still wanted a green ball from Santa.