Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 25th Derby Game

 August 25th- Another Derby Bout. I jammed twice and scored some points! Woo-hoo! It was fun. We lost in the end, but the entire game was back and forth.

FYI- I had just taken down that orange girl.

Dad to the rescue

 August 24th- So my dad was coming to town to pay for my brother's tuition and I asked him to come out a day early to fix stuff in my house. I wrote a lengthy list of things for him to do. He actually got all but two things done, one of which is the downstairs faucet and I can do it myself. So my dad build this shelf for my shower because I never use the shower and I am going to use it to store toilet paper, cleaners, etc. He also fixed three doors in my house that weren't closing correctly for one reason or another.
 The old toilet seat was discusting so my dad didn't just buy a toilet seat, he bought a plush, squishy, awesome toilet seat.
 He put a handle on the master bedroom door so now it not only closed, but it can lock too.
 He fixed a leaky pipe.
 Put a door handle on my cabinet and got matching handles for the drawer. Apperently he had to take apart the entire drawer to change the handles because it is built wierd.
Oh, we kind of did a trade. Dad needed an outfit made, along with a Betsy Ross flag. So while he was outside getting muddy and dirty trying to fix my sprinklers, I was in the nice cool house sewing this all together. I am pretty sure I got the good end of this bargain. Thanks dad!

Oh, and my dad also got a clicker for my garage door so now I don't have to get out and manually open it, woo-hoo!

Kindergarten Orientation

 August 21- So in Utah they have a half hour orientation for four kids at a time where they do an art project, take a tour of the class, and meet the teacher. Next they have a 45 minute assessment sometime during the week. Finally over a week after the orientation is the first day of school. Here is Lexi ready for orientation.
 Hello Kitty shoes, dress, lunch, and backpack.
 Lily had to get pictures taken in the same way as LExi.

 Then we tried to get a cute one of them together.

 Lexi at her school. Above is her on Orientation day, below is her before the assessment. The teacher said she did great except she was very concerned how she held her pencil. Upon further questioning, it turns out my right handed little girl holds her pencil like a lefty. I explained to the teacher that I was a lefty and she felt less freaked out, but told me I needed to work on that. Oops.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pioneer Trek

 August 9-11 I drove down to California to go on a three day Pioneer Trek with my mom, step-dad, and Nephew Brenden. This is us all clean and showered before the trek. That didn't last long.

 We ate lunch and then a mob of people came through with Joseph Smith on that wooden thing came through. They ripped off his shirt and then tarred and feathered him. It was loud with guns going off. Then they read the extermination order from Governor Boggs and we were foced to leave rather quickly.
 After about six miles of going up and down with our handcarts we came to a pond thing where we had to cross our handcarts on a ferry. It was on a rope pully. Really cool. We then hiked another mile to camp. People were exhausted, lots of people had given up, but Brenden and I stayed pushing the cart until the end.
 My mom and I waiting for our turn to cross on the ferry.
  Brenden giving his Blue steele look.

 Brenden was awesome pulling the cart. He never gave up and pulling was the hardest job.
 Me pushing in the back with my pioneer dress, bonnet, and apron that I made myself. The carts were over 500 pounds.
 Sweet water Crossing: Day 2. A river to cross. The boys had to carry all the girls across.
 Me hiking up my skirt so it wouldn't get wet going across the river. I still got wet, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
 Going down hill towards the river. It was 108 degrees this day.
 My hand cart company with Rigdon and Brenden in front and Zion, Caroline, Maggie, and I in back.
 Going in.
 That is Bill next to his hand cart.

 Day 3: The Mormon Battalion came and took our men. There is Brenden going off to war.
 The Widow Maker/Testimony Hill. 2 miles of 70% incline. The first half mile the girls had to do on their own. I did it 2.5 times because we would go back and help with other hand carts.
 Still smiling. It was really hard, but really fun.

 Pulling and pushing the carts took a lot of teamwork.
 At the end of Day 3 Brenden and I all dirty and gross. We had lunch, read letters from our parents, and had testimony meeting. My mom even wrote me a letter. It was awesome.
Bill and mom made it. Bill grew his beard out for the trek. It was so fun and such a great experience to get a taste of what the pioneers had to endure. If you ever get the chance, Go!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ky's birthday dinner

August 3rd- We went to the Banana leaf for Ky's birthday dinner. We had a blast, the food was great, but bombay house is better.

Look what I can do!

 Before I changed the leaky, leaky faucet from the underneath.
 New faucet that I put in myself, even the underneath.
 Towel rack that I installed! Dad told me to use the toggle bolts and they are great.
With the help of Auto zone, I changed the tail light blinker light on my car!