Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Silly Lily

Lily loves drinking water from cups. I had poured myself this glass of water and Lily grabbed it, but had her binky in her mouth. No problem for her, she just spit it out (it landed in the cup) and went to town drinking the water. What a character.

Taste tesing

Colleen and I were making a cake for Lexi's birthday and she wanted a circle white cake and white frosting. Colleen has asked her several times over the last few months and she has been very consistent with what she wants. So we were making her a white cake with white frosting. She of course had to make sure we were doing a good job. She tasted everything along the way.

Buying a playground

So we were at our friend Zac's house and Lexi went to the backdoor and saw a huge playground just like this one and really wanted to play on it. We told her no. She asked why? We said because we didn't buy it and it's not ours. So Lexi ran to her new purse with the two dollars she had just gotten that day. She ripped out the two dollars and said, "Here, now we buy it." Super cute. Later we went to this playground so we could play.

Birthday Jump on it

June 26th, 2010 - For Lexi's birthday we went to jump on it. It was just the four of us and I paid to jump with Lexi. It was so much fun. We even let her go on the merry go round and the pink elephant rides. On the way home Lexi said, "Thanks for jumping with me at the jump store, that was fun." Even Lily got to bounce a bit with me. She loved it!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Music time with Carrie

These pictures actually happened in March and I just got them again from Carrie. The girls and I went over to my co-worker Carrie's house. We went for some animal time since Lexi loves animals, but ended up having some music time too. Here is Lexi with Mya, Carrie's beautiful little kitten.

Lexi playing on the floor with Lily.

Carrie was great with Lexi. She taught her to play the drum, let her use her rainstick, and then got out her grandfather's violin and tried letting Lexi play. I was soooo afraid Lexi would break something (like the violin), but Lexi was really careful. Lexi talked about this for days.

I love this picture. Lexi thought it was a crack up that she was being "too loud"

After they were done playing with the instruments, Carrie convinced Lexi to try to put her foot in her mouth and she did. What a silly girl.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Making the bed with Grandma

So Lexi does everything Grandma does. This includes things like brushing teeth and making beds. Every morning LExi makes the bed with grandma and gets mad if grandma starts without her or if grandma moved the pillows after she's arranged them. (yes Lexi does notice. She'll walk in the room and say, "Hey" and point to the pillows)

Putting on the covers nice and straight.

Stack the pillows two high.

Now it's time for the decorative pillows. Lexi knows right where they're kept and right where they go.

All done. My masterpiece is complete, now don't move them grandma!

Conductor Lexi

June 24th- After the campout Lexi came home and lined all the chairs up so we could have a train and demanded we all sit on the train and go on a trip. I don't know where we went, but it was fun to give into the imagination of my sweet two year old. It was fun having grandma and Lily along for the ride as well.

Almost there

Lily is so close to crawling! She is doing full push ups and getting on her knees. She's even scooting backwards. She gets a little mad when she ends up going away from toys she desperately wants.

Cook out

June 24th- Ann and Royce invited us on a campout in American Fork Canyon. Rex, Colleen, Ann, Royce, McCoy, Lexi, Lily, and I went for a great time. Royce and McCoy start the fire.

Lexi watches closely.

Lexi helps grandma roast her a hot dog. Yum.

Lexi likes being close to grandma.

It was good eating. I had a taco salad. Mmm.

McCoy and Lexi made a playhouse in the trees.

Mmm. The S'mores were great.

Ann and Royce, the cute newlyweds. They've invited us to come camping more with them. Sounds like fun.

Lily loved nature and snuggling with mom.

She even helped roast a marshmallow or two.

Lily getting into the chocolate. Oh boy, another chocoholic.

McCoy, Lexi, and Uncle Royce off adventuring.

Grandma joins them down by the river.

Lexi climbs the rocks.

Birthday Card

Lexi was so excited to get a birthday card this year.

She jumped on the table and danced around. I read her the card. She loved it.

Thanks Grandma Harmon! You made Lexi feel very special.