Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tent with Sydney

October 22nd - Lexi has a friend, Sydney, who occasionally wanders in from the neighborhood. Today they played with Lexi's tent. It was nice because I was making dinner and Sydney help keep Lexi distracted so I could cook. I only had to worry about Lily/

I think this picture is upside down or something. Wierd.


October 19th - I worked an activity where we painted pumpkins and sang Karaoki. I rocked it and sang and danced my heart out. Here is one of the pictures of me going crazy.

Ding dong ditch

October 18th - In highland the Halloween witch goes around and you deliver treats to two different people. So we played ding dong ditch. Lexi loved it and was suprisingly fast.

Lexi running for it after we rang the bell.

Sunflower tradition

October 17th - Tradition is that every year we take the kids pictures in the sunflowers to see how they've grown. This is the only one of Lexi standing still.

Grandma with both the girls. Wierd blur on my camera. I think it might be a glare?

Lily loving the flowers. Of course what doesn't Lily love?

Cute moment with both the girls.

More apples!

October 17th - More apple picking. Lily kept trying to eat huge apples. She loves them.

She loved being outside in the warm sun with apples to eat and lots of people to watch.

Lexi helped with the apples a little and played with the tree a little.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

5K for Jess

October 16th - Lakeview (part of Wasatch Mental Health where I work) was holding a 2 mile/ 5K race to raise money for a funeral for a staff member Jess Wilson who had been killed. I went to support them and did the run/ walk. Lily woke up really early so she got to come with me. She did great and was quiet and happy the entire time. Miriam and Ned were there and we did the event together. It was fun and I got such a great time!

Sue brought her dog Sabrina and Lily loved him.

Cali's 2nd birthday

October 10th - Cali and company came to Utah so we got to spend her 2nd birthday with her. It was fun. She is such a cutie. This is her right before she got her finger in the frosting. That cake was soooo delicious.

The kids at the table eating their cake and loving it. Poor Lily didn't get any cake, though she tried.

Cali opening the Ballerina barbies we got her.

Princess Cali loving her crown.

S'more time

October 9th - Jer and Lexi set up a tent and were going to have a daddy/daughter camp out. We decided to do a theme and had tin foil dinners and s'mores. It was really fun.

Grandma holding Lily all bundled up.

I started trying to roast five marshmellows at once and burned them all. I did better in round two.

Jer trying to start a fire and Royce helped him out.

Ann holding Lily later.

Lily eating her first s'more. She actually only had marshmellow since chocolate is a no no and graham crackers had honey in them. She loved it anyway.

Lily's new teeth

Lily has two new teeth! She got her first one September 29th and her second one October 9th. She won't let us get any pictures of them, her tongue gets in the way, but they are really cute!

Jump on it

October 7th - Jump on it continues. I don't always bring my camera, but we really try to go once a week. Lexi was helping Lily to jump.

Lily loves to bounce as long as it is somewhat controlled. Lexi wants to play so bad with her and doesn't always remember to be gentle.

Lexi and Lily discovered the fan. They loved to cool off. (bouncing can warm you up suprisingly)

Keira came to jump towards the end and had lots of fun with Lexi running around and jumping of things.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nail polish disaster

I bought Lexi nail polish and put it on her toes and fingernails. The next morning I discovered she had snuck into my dresser and got it out and painted her dolls, herself, her binoculars, her turtle, etc. We're just all glad it didn't get on the carpet. :)

Special delivery

October 3rd - Kevin came over and played with the girls. He put Lexi in this box and brought it around pretending they were going to Africa and Australia. Lexi loved being given to different people.

She really fit well inside this box. It's funny how small she can get.

Suprise Grandma! I think we really suprised Grandma.

After we convinced Lexi the world wouldn't end if Lily got in the box too, she had fun playing patty cakes with Lily. Lily loved it!

My two cute girls!

Play date

So somehow these got out of order because these pictures were taken on the same day that Lily was playing with the dog. Oh well. Lexi went over to play with Keira. They watched some Dora the explorer and jumped and danced with her. Then they played/fought with Keira's toys. Then they went in the back where Keira had a tent set up. They had a blast playing in the tent.

Lexi probably stealing all of Keira's toys.

Wresting in the tent, running around the tent, running into the tent and jumping on the blankets.

Dennis tickling Keira.

Lexi chasing Keira around the tent even though you can't really see Keira in this one.

Worst day ever!

September 30th - So my day started out crappy. Lily awake at 4, put her back down, Lexi wakes up cranky, but we manage to get them ready. Just as we're about to leave a neighbor knocks on the door and tells me my car has been broken into. My purse and wallet gone, my window smashed out. I was so mad. I spend the next two hours calling all my cards to cancel them. Get to work for a decent day, go home to crazy kids, smash my finger, all sorts of bad luck. Why do people have to be so mean to others? Oh, and the past Sunday Jer and Rex's cars had been hit. The police say it's kids who must live nearby to repeatedly be hitting the same two streets.

Lily doggy time

We go to our friend's house who have two dogs, Chey and Rocky. Lexi goes to play with Keira, but Lily goes to get loved by the dogs. They lick her all over and she hangs her tongue out like a little dog herself. They just love her and go crazy whenever she comes over.

Lily petting Rocky.

Chey about to lick Lily.

Lily goes after the dogs sometimes too, here she' s going after Chey.

Picking Apples

September 27th, 2010 - One of our chores here is picking up the apples that fall under the tree. We had picked them all up and then we decided to just pick a ton of apples to save ourselves the trouble later. The whole family, minus Jer, came to help. We got two huge boxes and a bag of good apples and all the bad apples (2 X that) went in the garbage.

Lily and Lexi were quality control.

Colleen taking a round of bad apples to the garbage. Plenty more where that came from.

5K Mad Dash

September 25th, 2010 - Colleen was going on a 5 K walk/run for cancer awareness and Jer needed some sleep so me and the girls joined her to give Jer a break. We did great. We started last (Lexi had to go pee just as we were about to start), but we passed quite a few people and did okay.

Me pushing the girls. Lexi kept sticking her head out the side and upside down. Lily went to sleep.

The last bit we let Lexi out to run. Me and her ran together until she got tired. Then I had to piggy back her through to the finish, I got a bunch of cheers.

The big finishers. Me, Lexi, Colleen, and the top of Lil's head.

Me coming to the end with Lexi on my back. I came in about 50 minutes, which was good since we missed the start to take Lexi to the potty.