Friday, March 28, 2014

Lexi in the ER

These are the Valentine's day flowers that Tom gave me. He put them at my work! What a smart man. He also gave Grandee and mom a rose.
 Lexi was at grandma's house watching Hotel Transylvania. She thought maybe she was a vampire and could walk up walls. She tried it and it didn't work. So I got a call around 1 a.m. saying she was still crying and couldn't sleep so Jer was taking her to the ER. I drove up to the A.F. hospital and brought the book we were reading. I read to her until she went in for her X-ray.

 No broken foot, just a sprained ankle. She got some medicine and got to bring home a special boot to wear. She also got to watch some netflix later on daddy's phone.

DAR January

January DAR meeting. My kids were really good in the Orem library while I listened to the speech. Lily looked so cute looking at the books.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I made aprons for the new members of the kitchen unit. It was a bit of work, but so much fun. I made KAthy a super little one for pretend first because she is so small. Then I gave her the real one. I made Kyle's with tools, Rand's with Buzz lightyear, and of course Tom's was plaid.

Stupid Appendix

So the day after Kevin got out of the hospital from his lung surgery, I collapsed at work and had to be taken to the E.R. I was convinced it was my gollbladder because all the girls in my family have their gollbladders removed. I was wrong! It was my appendix. It was swollen and enlarged and about 12 hours away from bursting. I got to have an ultrasound and an MRI with a color contrast. So cool! It wasn't a horrible surgery and I am so nice on drugs that all the nurses loved me. One even gave me a bag of m&ms for later. :) Tom stayed by my side the entire time and even stayed overnight in the hospital to make sure I was okay. He is so amazing!

Kevin's Lung bleb

About 10 days after his baby boy was born, KEvin had to go to the E.R. because his lung collapsed again. He was in for 10 days and had to have an operation to take the bleb out of his lung and scar the bottom of his lungs so his lungs would stick to the bottom. We went and visited Kevin and my mom and sister came up to visit and help.

 Random pic-Lily was sitting on the couch playing her guitar and singing. So cute.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fun at Work

We have a lot of fun at work! Here I have a day when Rand put the wrong type of soap in the dishwasher and created a mess!

 Melody's birthday we decorated her office and got caught! It was super fun anyhow.
 Carrie saw baby Anna's bunny hoodie and wanted one, so I made one for her. She loved it!

Samuel Craig Harmon

Baby Sammy is here! He was born on January 10th in the 10 pm hour. If I recall correctly he was 6lbs. 10 ounces and completely perfect. Kristal did a great job. The girls were so excited to see him (so was I) We brought him some bibs I made, including a Charger's bib. All of them are too large for him now though.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Andy's funeral

Tradition at work is that when a staff turns 50, we throw them a funeral to mourn the passing of their youth. They are like a roast. This one was hilarious and a total surprise to Andy.

 Andy is the Grandma friendly is her ward and wanted me to make her an Apron with lots of pockets to put treats for the kids in. She also wanted hats for each month. It turned out pretty great.