Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lexi's Dance Performance

December 17th- Lexi had an in studio dance performance. They got to dress up and perform two numbers for us. It was adorable. Here is Grandma fising her shoes.


Lily was so cute. She kept copying Lexi or stealing my hat.

Here she is trying to steal the camera

The first performance.

The second performance

Finished, Lexi always is perfect at the end pose.

The class all together. Most of the girls are much older then Lexi.

Lily trying to pose like Lexi. She is so impressed with her big sister.

Here is our Beautiful little ballerina

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The after party

December 16th- We have a busy weekend! Thursday was a derby game, then Friday is a Derby party, then Saturday is Jer's work Party, then Sunday is Jer's family party. Wow, so much to do! This party was awesome.

We all got awards! It was super fun. I got an award for being candy coated.

The Derby Darlin's vs. The Red Rockettes

December 15th- The Happy Valley Derby Darlin's vs. The Red Rockettes. We won 106-58!!!! We did awesome. Chaquita, Cookie, Bloody, Pain in the Nikki, and one other I am forgetting were jammers. They did great.

Half time huddle. We were kicking their trash, but we still had areas we could work on.

MJ helped coach us for the day. It was soo fun.

Monday, December 12, 2011

My little performers

December- So I have been really sick lately and have been laying down a lot. The diet the doctors have me on with only eating Quinoa, Buckwheat, fruits, veggies, nuts, & turkey/chicken is not quite working yet. My children decided one day that they were going to put on a show for me as I was laying there. It was really cute. Lexi dressed up in a "costume" and Lily just copied everything that Lexi did. They sang and danced. Oh, I have such wonderful kids!

Church Christmas Program. Lexi singing Silent night in Russian.

Lily's Party

December 5th- Happy Birthday Lily. Lily loved being sang to, opening gift, cupcakes, everything. I took most of the day off of work to spend with just Lily. We went to the Mall and chose a few toys. We made cupcakes and just had some mommy/Lily bonding. Then we had some family over for cupcakes and presents.

Pajamas! Cool!

Lily loving her new dress. Thanks Aunt Aubrey!

Grandma playing with the Lego set she bought Lily.

Lexi made a reindeer out of the Legos.

Lily loved all the clothes she got and wanted to try them all on.

Lily was thrilled with each new gift. Grams, you bought this one, remember?

Lexi loved playing with all her, I mean Lily's new toys.

Uncle Kevin was a hit when he gave Lily chocolate. This is a guy who knows the way to a lady's heart.

Ann came at the end. Lexi loved showing off all of Lily's new toys.