Friday, May 18, 2012

Skato de Mayo

May 5th-Another game. We lost, but I had a ton of fun and did pretty well.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Matt Hill's awesome 80's party

 May 4th-Me totally 80'd out. I did the blush, eye shadow, leg warmers. It was AWESOME! They had 80's video games and treats. We hada blast. I got to level four on Super Mario 3.
 Daniel, Me, Tamara, and Cali
 Jer and I
 Helium balloons were in.
 Playing old school video games was my favorite.
Duncun, Jer, Matt, and Ryan

Elisabeth Webb

 We got to meet baby Elisabeth Webb, not to be confused with my other niece also just born who is Elizabeth Douglas. So baby Elisabeth was born on April 28th. She is so cute! The girls loved her instantly. I loved all that hair!

Kevin Graduated!

April 20th- Kevin graduated! We were all super excited that he is done with his undergraduate, but I am more excited that Kevin is going to stay in Utah for at least two more years to get his Masters degree.
Lexi wanted to come and see Kevin graduate. She was really good. We brought some toys and coloring books for her.
Kevin is in that line.
Getting his diploma.
Afterrwards Kevin gave Lexi a big hug.
Kevin and Abby
Abby took a picture of all of us.
Lexi holding Grandee's hand to cross the street. Lexi loved having all the family over to visit.