Friday, March 30, 2012

My Birthday

March 29th- I went to a work conference on my birthday and my co-workers made sure I got sung to by the waitors. It was fun.

Meanwhile at work...most of the members worked on cutting newspaper all day since I was gone. They filled my drawers, cupboards, and the floor with an amazing amount of newspaper shreddings. I was impressed, but didn't get to see it until the next day.

Easter Presents

March 27th- Grandma came over to give the girls their easter baskets early. It was a lot of fun. She gave them chapstick and little books and pens to draw with. Perfect for the girls.

They also got candy, which Lily found right away with her chocolate nose.

Fisherman's Wharf

March 24th-After we finally got my keys unlocked from the car, we went down to the Fisherman's Wharf because we were starving! We went to a really nice restaurant. My mom was amazing at getting the kids to behave. I was quite impressed.

Lexi was trying to "hide" with grandpa and blend in with the statue.

We got to see all the seals on the dock. They were fun to see, some were noisy and others were sleeping.

Lily got the best seat in the house.

Playing with grandpa

March 24th-After the race I was suprised anybody had energy to do anything, but grandpa was all about playing with the kids. Lily loved it. This first picture I took just as grandpa had snuck up and tickled Lily. I love her little smile.

While we were there Lexi discovered a really fun game name dicescapades or something like that. It was super fun to play with Maegan and Kev.

Grandpa and Lily.

Grandpa tackled both of the girls to the floor and tickled them. They loved it!

Lily attempting to run away.


March 24th-I locked my keys in the car on an army base. It was such a pain. I felt so bad. Luckily, they were super fast.

2012 Mud run

March 24th- My second mudrun. I did better time wise. I did it in just over an hour. Tracy, Jane and I were in the second leg, Kevin was in the 3rd, Grandpa and grandma were in the first leg.

Notice us nice and clean, it won't last long.

Lauri doing the warm up.

So muddy!

Showing off our muddy legs

Kevin's face was classic

Grandpa got first place in his category! Go grandpa!

All of us after Tracy and Jane finished. Tracy got first place in her category

There's something in my teeth

March 24th-During our trip to california, Kevin got something stuck in his teeth. My mom said you can use hair to get it out. He didn't have much of that so she let him use hers. What a sweet mom!


I decided to cut my hair. I told Jen how I wanted it cut and maybe one other person. I didn't want to be talked out of it. I didn't want to chicken out. I did it. I love it. Everyone seens to love it too.

15 inches in the ponytail, plus whatever else was cut off after (2 inches I think?)

MY HAIR IS CURLY???? who knew?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Derby game

Another Derby game between the molly morbids and the Nevada East Roller Derby. We wone 187-81. Woo-hoo, we rock!