Monday, January 31, 2011

The Mischevious Miss Lexi

January 2011-Lexi is my child for sure! She has such an imagination and is always goofing around. The first two pictures are of her in Jeremy's hat. The next two were taken after she discovered where we his the chocolate chips. She was trying to get them off the shelf in the closet and had stacked the step stool on the couch. I told her she was going to fall and she shouldn't be climbing up like that, but she told me not to worry because she had her helmet (pink bucket) on her head. Yep, that's my girl.

French Fry Queen

January 27th-I've decided that I can treat me and the kids to go out to eat once a week and it won't hurt us too much. Lily loves French fries! I have never been a huge fan, but Lily knows how to hold the sauce and dip the fries in the sauce, the works. She eats everything else so good that I don't mind her having fries once in a while.

Just Dance 2

January 26th- I got Just Dance 2 for Christmas and we love it. We use it for Lexi when she has a ton of energy and it's too cold to play outside. She doesn't use the remote, so I use the wii remote and she just dances. Here is her doing Firework by Katie Perry. Lexi is actually really coordinated, I am quite impressed!

Lily will occasionally join in on the dancing. She doesn't know how to follow the moves, but she can sure shake her little hiney.

Jump On It 2011

January 24th- The bridge that goes to Jump on it was closed for construction and so we haven't been for a long time, but I finally just called them and got instructions on how to get there without the bridge. Yeah me. Lexi was super excited and went from one thing to another so fast. Lily wondered around and played, but didn't want to go on the trampolines.

I let the girls go on the Merry-go-round once. Lily is now big enough to go on it, though I was a bit nervous that she would fall off. They both loved it (you can't tell by Lexi's expressions, but she did)

After it stopped Lily didn't want to get off, she kept bouncing on the pony hoping it would make the pony go.

Computer girl

January 21st- Lily loves the computer and typing and using the mouse. She seems to know exactly what she is doing. I am trying to make a blog book for 2010 and I have to fight to use the computer.

McDonald's Star

January 18th-Jer is back in school :(, but for his last semester :). I decided I have not been good about taking the girls out much since we moved out of the Webbs in October. I decided we ought to do at least one fun thing a week, so I took the kids to Carl's Jr. Lexi thought it was McDonalds and I tried to explain. She ended up calling it McDonald's Star as a compromise. Her and Lily played on the playground for about an hour. Lexi played in the big kid section and was climbing on the netting in order to get up the big stairs. It was really creative.

Lily's new car seat

January 17th- Lily turned one over a month ago, but had not reached the weight required to change car seats. I don't know what they did while we were in California, but they sure did fatten her up. She reached 20 lbs and we celebrated by going and picking her out a big girl, front facing car seat. We went with pink and frilly since she is probably our last baby and we thought it would be fun to embrace the fact that we have girls. She was so excited. She smiles and giggled. She was able to see Lexi in her car seat and copy everything that she did. Lexi was excited about it too and kept playing with Lily.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Towel animals/Girls in California

I took these pictures from Christy's blog because they are so cute and I didn't want to miss them.

January 13th- Our day at sea Jer and I took a towel folding class. Each day we would get towel animals put in our room and I thought it would be fun to know how, so we learned how to do two of them. We learned the dog and the elephant. Jer put his glasses on his and it looked so cute. When we got home I made some and put them on our bed.

Art Auction

January 13th-We went to two different Art Auctions. I won a bottle of champaign here for answering questions correctly about Peter Max, the artist. It was fun. We bought Thomas Kinkades and got 2 free paintings. It was awesome! I love auctions.

I love this painting, but it didn't go up for auction.

Famous Couple

January 10-14th- So on the cruise there got to be people that were famous on the ship for going up and being part of the game shows that were held. Jeremy and I became two of those famous people.

I did minute to win it and had to do three challenges. I bellydanced for a minute, then had to keep three balloons in the air for a minute, then had to use a rubber band to shoot a stack of cans off the table. It was harder then I would think. I would hit the cans with the rubber band, but not knock them down. Finally I used my hair scrunchy and knocked some down. The show host "accidently" bumped the table and knocked some down, it was pretty fun. I got a trophy and a bottle of champaign for that.

Hairy Larry was another contestant on minute to win it. He won all three contests. He had to jump through a rolling hula hoop. I don't remember his other challenges, but he also won the hairiest man contest. He was pretty cool.

Jer did the air guitar competition with three other people. When they were done they called for more volunteers and Jeremy volunteered me. I won another trophy. Jer's picture turned out blurry. He was doing it so fast I couldn't get a good shot. Hehe.

Jeremy won a medal on Gender wars. It was girls vs. boys and all the audience got to participate. They asked for the manliest man and Jer shouted, "Oh, that's me." He was right of course. He was hilarious up there.

Ensanada, Mexico: Wine Country

January 12th- After the blow hole we were off to wine country. We had the car for all day with unlimited miles, so we drove all over and then toured a vineyard. It was beautiful, and probably would have been better if it was in the Spring, but oh well.

We loved some of the cool features about the place. We went with another LDS couple so it wasn't awkward not doing the wine tasting.

Jeremy really wanted a picture of him next to the olive tree because of all the analogies made to them in the scriptures.