Monday, March 28, 2011


March 27- Here are all the other pictures from that weekend . Aedan had a birthday party, we had an awesome breakfast, we all got Easter baskets, and Kevin, Maegan, and I all had on the same shoes.

Mud Run 2011!!!!

March 26, 2011- 5 MILES, 3 WALLS, 5 MUDPITS, RAIN, and a whole lot of awesomeness! We had a blast. I made it over 2 of 3 walls on my own. We did jumping jacks, bicycle kicks, push ups, sit ups. Wow! Christy, Grandpa, Granpma, and I were all in the first heat. Jane, Kevin, and Geoff were in heat 2. Kevin came in first at an amazing 47 minutes. Wow, that boy can run!
Notice Christy's white shirt, this is the last time it will be white. We registered together so our numbers would be next to each other.
Jane and I ready to go. Jane was so awesome and funny, we loved her instantly.
Us with our grandparents at the start.

1st mud pit, 5 hurdles, we did great.

Grandpa, grandma Lauri, Christy, and I ran the first half together. Then I left and ran on my own.

Okay, so this wall I didn't make over on my own, but the other two I did. Grandpa pushed me up a bit. Thanks Grandpa!

We had to army crawl through all the mud pits! It was so deep with freezing cold water!

All of us finished and got our medals. Grandpa and Grandma Lauri placed in their categories. Kevin got 50th over all!

The big red chair

March 25th, 2011- This is grandpa's latest project. He built a huge red chair. It was awesome! Kevin and I drove 13 hours to get to Sacramento and we got to relax in this huge chair. The kids loved it too. Grandpa had a bell at the top to ring when you made it up.

Grandpa's back yard, so beautiful

This is after the race, we all climbed up-me, Bill, Mom, Maegs, Kevvy, and Christy.

Birthday time!

March 20th, 2011- Jeremy's family had a monthly birthday party for those whose birthday was that month. They gave me some beautiful jewelry and a boquet of candy. Yum! The girls loved it too and kept trying to steal it.

Jeremy had Danielle make me a raspberry cheesecake for my birthday. It was amazing! The best I have ever tasted in my life. Mmmm. This may have to become tradition.

Wall climbing lessons

March 12th, 2011- So I am doing a huge 5 mile mud run with 5 foot walls that I have to climb, so I decided to learn to climb walls. I am terrible at it! I have no depth perception so I keep running into the walls instead of going over it. Carrie and Kevin came with me to help me learn how to get over it, and to make sure I didn't kill myself trying.

I would occasionally make it up.
I got so scraped up in the process. It was aweful!

New Ballet/Tap class

March 2011- We found another dance class really close to our house. The class size is small and the teacher is so good. She has really creative ways to teach the kids. Lexi loves her. Janessa teaches stretching and all the other fun ballet or tap things. The day we went was hat day.
We got there a bit early so Lily got to play in the room.

They practiced toe pointing and got to wear a princess crown. Then they picked up the princess wand and had to do leg lifts to touch the sparkly strands. It was so cute!

They also practiced leaping over noodles. Lexi loved it.