Monday, December 14, 2015

Fun at the Mall

January 10th- The girls and I went to the mall for some fun. The girls got to play on the playground. We also got some See's candy. Yum.

The Curiosity Museum

January 3rd- We went to the museum of Natural Curiosity for a few hours. It is nice not having homework and being able to have fun after work. We spent our time in the Rainforest and in Kidopolis. The kids had fun dressing up and getting a lot of extra energy out.

New Years Party 2015

January 2015- Happy New Years! We had a New Years Party at our house this year. We had a white elephant gift exchange that the girls loved. Tom's family came over as well as Ruth, Dan, Emily, Kris, and Blair. It was fin catching up with everyone.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fun times with Daddy Jeremy this year

 These are all the 2014 pics I pulled from Jer's facebook to put in the girl's memory book.

 "This is how broken girls play at the beach" said Lily