Tuesday, May 31, 2011

At the Zoo

May 25th- Jeremy, Ann, Royce, Grandma, and Grandpa took the girls to the zoo. The girls had a blast. Lexi chose to hang out with Ann most of the time. Jeremy said she loved being Ann's little shadow. Lexi talked about the dinosaurs and the carousel the most.

Sunday Mornings

May 20th- So we don't have church until 1:00, which can be killer. So this morning we took our children for a beautiful Sunday morning walk to enjoy nature and eventually the park. They loved it and we loved not having two crazy cooped up kids. It was perfect timing because the rest of the day was rainy, but our park time was perfect.

1 happy kid + 1 more happy kid = 2 happy parents. I love the math on that.

Jer swinging both the kids. What a dad!

Lexi is at the top and Lily is at the bottom and they were shouting to each other. So cute!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Petting Zoo in Scipio

May 14th- We were driving home from Vegas and decided to stop at a random Flying J for a break and they had a petting zoo! What a fun thing. It was free. The kids loved it. Inside they had the baby chicks and outside they had Llamas, Zebra, lambs, peacock, pony, geese, and a bunch of other things I don't remember. It was awesome!

At the Condo

May 14th- After the graduate we hung out at the condo for a few hours with our families. Lily played with my dad for a bit. He would say Lily, lily, liy and put his fingers out to tickle her. After a few times of that, Lily put her fingers out and said, "Lalalala". It was so cute and hilarious.

Jer's Master's Graduation!

May 14th- Jeremy's Graduation! Finally. After two LONG years of being a single mom and having to do it all on my own, I was finally rewarded with being able to see my husband walk across a stage and graduate. I was so proud. My dad and Jeremy's sister (and family) came from California. Jeremy's mom and sister came from Utah. It was fun seeing all of them and being able to hang with my dad. Aubrey was so great to watch the kids that weekend so Jer and I didn't have to worry about them. I don't know what else to say, it's been a long hard road, but it is going to be worth it!

Jeremy across the way with his two best Nevada friends, Danielle and Juliet.

Jeremy graduated with the drummer from The Killers. They did an awesome montague.

Jer looks handsome as a graduate!