Sunday, March 31, 2013

Raegan's party

 March 1st- Lexi's friend Raegan turned five and had a fun birthday party. They went to hang time, a trampoline place in Orem. It was so fun, but really over priced. Then they went to Raegan's house and opened presents and ate cake.


The girls always fight at bath time over which towel they are going to get. Today they decided that they wanted to shared the giant blue towel.
It was really cute!

A cute dress

February 24th-
Lily was wearing a cute dress and posing so adorably that I couldn't resist taking some pictures.

A free, fun day

 We had such a fun day! We used our passes to go to Trafalga Lehi and go on the rides. Then we went miniature golfing there too. The girls had so much fun, even though it was kind of crowded. Then we went to RC Willey's to look at furniture and they were having free hot dogs and soda. Woo-hoo! It was a great President's day.

Abe Lincoln

 Did I mention how cold and windy this trip was? Ice cold! This is the last time I believe dad when he says it is going to be t-shirt weather!

Mount Rushmore

 We made it to Mount Rushmore! It was amazing. We got there too late to see the museum, but Lexi just wanted to see Mount Rushmore and shop on the gift shop.

The wind caves

 On our way to Mount Rushmore, we stopped and took a tour of the wind caves. It was really cool to see all the rocks and see how they used candles inside a bucket to make a kind of flashlight. Lexi liked seeing the caves too.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Where are all the Bison?

 So we were about 40 miles outside of Mt. Rushmore when dad asked, "Where are all the Bison?" No more had we turned the corner then a group of Bison came walking towards our car. Dad had to back his car up. The walked RIGHT next to Lexi's window. It was so cool! It was also funny. Next he asked where were all the prairie dogs. I stopped him and said not to ask that or we would get attacked by prairie dogs!

President's Day Vacation

 February 15-17 Lexi is learning about the Presidents in school, particularly George Washington and Abe Lincoln so we decided that it would be fun to go to Mount Rushmore to enhance her learning on the subject. We left Friday night and drove about 5 hours. We stayed in a hotel (which Lexi loved!). Here are some sights we saw on Saturday morning.
 We saw a beautiful victorian bed and breakfast.
 We saw this old Wyoming State Penitentiary which is supposed to be haunted. We were going to tour it, but they were closed on Saturdays. So wierd.

 While there some deer walked right over to the car and past it. IT was exciting for Lexi to see deer up close.

Finally we saw this old train that had been put into a playground. It was awesome and if it had not been so freezing cold we might have let Lexi play on it.