Thursday, November 14, 2013

Our new trampoline!!!!

I have been doing lots of odd jobs sewing and painting for people to earn money for this trampoline. I had saved up enough for a new one, but my co-worker suggested KSL and I found this one for $100! Woo-hoo. I set up the bottom part and then Kevin and Kristal came over to help with the enclosure and the spring/jumping part. I was so glad to have help because some things would take forever to do on your own. The girls were so excited to see and play on the trampoline. Trampoline season is almost over so we are making the most of our time left. We jump, have picnics, and are considering a sleepover on it when the weather gets warm again.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Roller Ball 2013

 The end of the year Roller Ball is one of my favorite events. It is nice to see everyone dressed up after a year of seeing everyone in sweaty work out clothes. I won the best dressed award (2nd year in a row)
 Our table- Me, Chewie, Jer, his date Katie, and Viper (her hubby was of getting food)
 Me and Break-her, one of my best derby girlfriends

 They had a photo booth that we all got to take pictures with. Hopwfully I will find where they put them and post them.

Autumn leaves

 My girls helped me rake up the leaves. We don't actually have a tree with leaves, but the neighbor's tree has leaves that fall into our yard. They loved jumping in the pile of leaves and then jumping in the trash can to push down all the leaves. We got them all to fit! The girls then had me put some of the lawn pillows in with them and wheel them around in the trash can.

Trick or treating

 Lexi, Lily, Elisabeth, Jeremy, Grandma, Royce, Ann and I all went trick or treating. It was a lot of fun. Lexi loved helping Elisabeth go from house to house. The girls loved all their candy they got. Lexi wanted to go to our neighborhood, so after a chili dinner at grandma's house, we went to our neighborhood and stopped at a few houses.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Lexi's school Halloween Parade

Jeremy and I went to see Lexi in her school Halloween costume parade. She came through with her class once and said hi. Then I saw her again and was really confused. She was really upset and crying. Apparently she had lost her class somewhere in all the chaos. So we comforted her a little and then I helped her find her class.

A Sunday night at my house

 After church Lexi put all her dolls on her bed, got a stool to stand on and a pretend microphone and practiced giving her testimony to her dolls. It was so cute.
 Meanwhile in Lily's room.... Lily was dancing with Batman. Also very cute.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween at my work

We decided as co-workers that we would dress up as each other for Halloween. It was so funny! All but two of us did it and we did a great job. Carrie was me, Ricky was Carrie, Andy was Sue, Sue was Andy, Maddy was Tom W, Tom B was Maddy, Melody was Tom B, Kyle and Kathy were each other.

Halloween morning

 Halloween morning-I dressed up my beautiful children and wanted to get pictures before the clothing got spilled on or ripped or any of the number of things that can go wrong with an outfit. I made these costumes. Costumes in the stores ranged from $30-$60 each and I bought the fabric for these and spent $13. I saved a ton and was able to spend an additional $16 to make myself a halloween costume. I have added an image of the original girl so you can see what they are supposed to look like. I think the outfits look better then the ones in the store (and more modest)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Work Halloween Dance

These were taken after we had worked a long night activity at my work. I had barely changed out of my Belle dress so we could clean up. Oh well. This is Maddy, Melody, Laura, Andy, me, Kathy, and Carrie