Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas Eve at Grandma Harmon's house

The girls and I drove down to vegas on the 23rd, spent the night at Jenn's house in Vegas, and then drove to California on the morning of the 24th. Other then locking my keys in the car in Baker we had a good trip. The girls were really good. We ate subway at grandma's house and then opened gifts. The kids loved their gifts and began playing with them immediately.

 Em got a minnie mouse hair brush and Cali had grandpa and lily do her hair. She then did Lily's hair.

Later that night we got home and put cookies out for Santa and carrots out forthe reindeer.

Darn ditch!

I met Tom's dad saturday and then Sunday I drove up and got my car stuck in the ditch. Tom and his dad had to get me unstuck. Buck (Tom's dad) said I fit right into the family and told me he had gotten his car stuck in the same ditch. The rest of the family later confirmed this.

Trying to get that tooth out/Epic Fail

 Lexi has a really loose front tooth that she won't let me pull. I talked her into trying the string on the door knob trick, but it slipped off twice and then she wouldn't let me try again. She could only be brave for so long.

Tom Proposes

Tom and I went to the temple on Thursday Morning. Both of us were fasting for different reasons. We were talking in the celestial room and he got a prompting to ask me if I would marry him. I said in a heartbeat. It was a wonderful experience.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kid concerts

Tom and I were now seriously dating and we went to each other's kids concerts. On Wednesday I went to his nephew Joey's music concert. Joey played the drums. I got to meet Tom's mom at the concert. We had a good time. Then on Thursday Lexi had a concert for her school so Tom and I went to that.

 Blurry, but the only shot I got. Stinking phone camera! Good thing Santa got me a real camera for Christmas.

5 parties in one day.

We went to 5 parties in one day!
1. Wesley's birthday party
2. Lily's birthday party
3. Rand's annual Christmas party
4. Lexi's friend Emily's party
5. Laura's wasatch level 4 christmas party (pics to come)
It was so snowy this day and so busy!

Lexi and Emily

Build a bear

Lily had her 4th birthday party at build a bear. She invited Elisabeth, Lexi, Micah, and Reagan. They all chose a bear or something and stuffed it. Lily chose to make a Rainbow Dash my little pony. Elisabeth made a puppy. I think everyone else made a bear. Lexi got to make two since one of her friends didn't show up and she was going to a birthday party later that day. After making bears we went to the mall food court and had cake and blew out candles. Lily opened all of her presents. We were going to do it at my house, but it was so snowy outside that we opted for the mall so people wouldn't have to drive as much.