Monday, September 10, 2012


 Kevin and Kristal came over and hurried us outside so we could see the double rainbow. The second one faded fast, and then the first one faded, but they were beautiful!

Fun Day

 September 1st- We had a fun time. We went to the mall and got a birthday present for Indy, Lexi's friend. We had to stop at the playground and play. We also got new Sunday shoes for the girls. Lily grew another shoe size and Lexi grew half a size. Yikes! I just bought new shoes a month ago.

Afterwards we had Indy over for her birthday. Zack brought her over and we hung out. We had a dance party for the girls with Zack and I as DJs. It was super fun.

First Day of School

 August 30th-Lexi's first day of school! Yeah. She got to go to my work first for half of an hour so I could get some stuff done.
 She took a picture with Hilary (Auntie Harker)
 We got to school with minutes to spare. She hung up her backpack and found the place where she is sitting. Then she got a book to look at until school started.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Seven Peaks

 We actually went to seven peaks twice. Once on labor day and once on August 27th. This is August 27th and Kevin went with us. Both girls went on the water slides and loved it . On labor day, Kevin was not with us, so we went to all the little kid areas. It was super fun.

 Lexi was super upset that we had to leave, but left better on the other day.