Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Trafalga/Bad Saturday

September 24th- We started off Saturday in a super fun way. We went to Lexi's new ballet class and then to Trafalga in Lehi. We had a blast. Then I realized I had lost my phone. I went home to look for it and my car wouldn't start. The kids were super cranky because they thought the ten minute nap on the ride home was their nap for the day. Oh, how frustrating and I was supposed to meet Jer at the graveyard to help pick a gravestone for Rex.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Grandpa's Funeral

September 21st- The funeral went really well and so did the burial. All the kids spoke. The kids almost dropped the casket on the way up the hill. It looked so heavy. Luckily a few extra guys jumped in and helped before it tipped over. Jer was convinced his dad would have thought that hilarious.

"My name is Rex, but my mamma always called me Slick"

Poor Exhausted Jer after the uphill climb with the casket.

Uncle Phil and Aunt Trish said thier own prayer over the casket.

Lexi and Lily putting flowers on for grandpa.

Afterward we had an amazing dinner provided by the ward. All but one of Coleen's sibling made it. (Janette's husband had a stroke and she takes care of him) This is Phil, Gayleen, Colleen, Sue, Marsha, and Jay.

The Viewing

September 20th- We worked hard all week getting pictures together for some Rex collages, video, displays. I think the displays turned out beautiful.

Close up of the painting of Rex.

Tim and Amber.

The grandkids made some Artwork for Grandpa. It was cute. I should have gotten some closeups.

Lily was loving on the flowers.

The Webbs had a lot of love, support, and flowers given to them.

People watching the video.

Ann and Royce.

Another of Lily with the Roses.

More time with Amber

This is just before the viewing. The girls were all dressed up and taking turns in the chair.

Lexi has the sparkly toothpaste.

Cute Lily smile.

Lexi at the Dentist

Now it is Lexi's turn at the dentist. She had a full exam with X-rays and a cleaning. She has great teeth, no cavities, and loved getting the flouride painted on her teeth. We told her it was pink, so she thought she had pink teeth all day.

She chose to watch Anastasia during her exam. She then chose sparkly toothpaste and an Ariel toothbrush.

Cousin Time

September 17th, 2011- So as the family gathered to go over funeral plans and grieve together, the kids got to see their cousins and have a good time. Amber came up from California.

Aunt Kristy holding Amber.

Grandma couldn't resist playing with all these cute little girls.

It turns out Lexi loves little Amber and is nicer to her then her own sister, can we really be suprised about that? I swear Lexi and Amber look like sisters and Cali and Lily look like sisters. Lexi and Lily do not share much resemblance.

Cute girls playing house.

Lexi got adventurous and decided to climb the tree.

Grandma and Amber

Lexi trying to feed Amber.

The girls playing on the bed.

Dad having fun with Lily.

Daddy giving Lily a treat. I remember doing this as a kid.