Monday, July 18, 2011

The Giant Hamster Ball

July 16th, 2011- The Party to end them all, I think that's what this was called. Ryan was turning 29 and so they rented a huge Hamster ball and had a BBq to celebrate. I got there while Jer was at work and went with Danielle. It was so fun. Later Jer got off work and joined us. He went on his own and the ball pants him. It was hilarious.


They made sure to give Jer a huge pushing start.

The ankle thing broke on Jer and so he wore it as an anklet.

I went again, not strapped in so I would bounce around more. IT was AWESOME!

Me inside running around in the hamster ball.

Me bouncing around unrestrained.

Tamara & Matt got there and Tamara went by herself. Matt didn't end up going. Tamara had a great time too.

Tamara inside.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

4th July, 2011- Happy Birthday Ryan. We first went to Trafalga Lehi with Jer. He loved seeing the girls on all the rides. Lexi was having a blast. Lily was super cranky (for her) and so she just wanted to be held or wanted to ride on the ponies. She was happy to go on the pirate ship too. I took Lexi on the go carts, we had a blast, then Lil didn't want to go, so Jer took Lexi. We went on the bumper boats with a bunch of really mean teenagers who squirted the girls even after Lily was crying. I got off the ride early and held her so she didn't have to be squirted. They were seriously jerky teenagers. After Lily got a nap, we went to the Mahoney's for Ryan's birthday. We had a barbeque and went swimming.

Lily had one of her bathing suits on, but took it off and went in only her swim diaper.

Reagan dove into the water to get the rings.

Lexi loved swimming.

Lily eventually enjoyed herself, even if she did have to get wet.

I'm watering Lily

July 2011- I went outside and asked what Lexi was doing. She replied, "I'm watering Lily." I just couldn't help but smile.


July 2011-Next we tried Trafalga Lehi. It was awesome! It was like Camp Snoop in Knotts, but smaller. They had lots of rides for kids. Lexi wanted to pose by this window thing.

They had a play area that the girls used for a few minutes.

Next we did the bumper boats. You could squirt each other. Lily wasn't happy unless we were going.

Then they had a pirate ship ride that swings back and forth. We stayed on for about ten rides (not joking)

Lexi said it tickled her tummy and she liked it. By the end it didn't tickle her tummy anymore and she was very dissappointed.

Lily enjoyed herself.

Later it was the carousel. Both girls loved it, though Lily didn't want me to hold her on. She thought she could hold on herself.

Girls on their horses.

Airplanes were next. My kids were the only ones on the ride. They loved it.

The Frog hopper. Yeah.

Both girls had so much fun and we waited in no lines, awesome!

Trafalga- Orem

June 2011-So we got the Pass of all Passes, which included Trafalga Orem, Trafalga Lehi, Orem Owlz baseball games, and Seven Peaks Water park. I took the girls to Miniature Golf in Orem. The girls had never tried to do it, so it was interesting. They both kind of got the point, but did get distracted easily.

Me in my awesome shoes, my Louisiana Purchase (hehe)

Lexi thought using the club as an axe would be effective, it wasn't.

Lily did quite well.

They loved the Castle, but were disturbed when the ball disappeared. This is them looking for it.

Lily hit the ball down the stairs. You can see it bouncing.
Then we went inside for the 3d ride. I waited in line and the girls played on these.

Lexi with the 3D glasses on strapped into the ride.

Lexi loving every minute. She is such an adreniline junky.

Lily's reaction. The wind would blow and she would cover her face.

After the 3D ride we did go carts. Lexi loved it, but Lily didn't want to go.

Back View

Tabby's Barbeque

June 26th-We went to a barbeque at my friend Tabby's house. The girls had a blast playing with my friend's kids.

Lily rotated between playing with kids and with playing with dad.