Monday, December 31, 2012

More Parties for Lily

 December 9th-Kevin and Krystal came over and brought Lily a chocolate cake for her birthday. She was so excited. She loves chocolate! We had a fun little birthday celebration and Lily got to open some more presents.

Bookstore Polar Express

 December 7th- We went to Barnes and Noble for their yearly Polar Express Adventure. They read the story to the kids, then the kids make Snowflakes as their tickets, then they get on a cardboard train to get hot chocolate, and end by seeing Santa Claus.

 The girls with their snowflakes we helped them make.

 All aboard!

 Lexi perfectly happy with her hot chocolate and cookie.
Lexi told Santa she wanted a book box set for Christmas and Lily told Santa she wanted a green ball.

Lily's birthday Part 2

 December 5th- Happy Birthday Lily! We celebrated at Grandma's house and Lily got to wear a princess birthday crown.
 She looked so cute un her birthday outfit opening all of her gifts.

 She got a suitcase from grandma for going back and forth from grandma's house. She also got an outfit.

 She got some finger puppets she was trying to impress Elisabeth with.
 Then we had cake. I love Lily's expression as she watches Grandma lighting the candles.

Lily's Birthday Part 1

Lily was so excited to open presents on her birthday. She got a new outfit from Grams and new boots from mommy.

This is her telling Daddy on the phone that she is now three.
I took the girls to the mall and we watched Rise of the Guardians. They were pefect for it! I was so excited to be able to sit through an entire movie with them. Afterwards we played on the mall playground. I also found the girls' Christmas dresses. Yeah!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lily's "teacher" Nicole

 Lily had a speech therapist coming over three times a month to help her with her sounds. Both of the girls loved her and she was great with them. We bought her roses to say thank you to her. (Now that Lily is 3, she has to go to a different program)

I built a shelf

 I got home from work early one day and watched a movie and put together this shelf for the under the stairs play room. You could not see the carpet because of all the toys on the floor. Now it looks great!

Decorating for Christmas

 November 26th- We decorated our house early. Mostly because we got home from California and had lots of presents so we needed to get them under a tree. The kids helped a lot and we had a great time listening to Dolly and Kenny's Christmas CD while decorating.
 Our family stocking.
 Lexi set up this nativity.
 We set up this one and then Lily added her teddy. She wanted to give Jesus a bear, but kind of squished him in the process.
My train that I love!

Family Pictures 2012

 We finally got our family pictures back!!!!!!!! It took two months. They turned out great. We took one with all of us for the kids rooms. Besides which, most of 2012 we were together.
 Then we took a bunch with just me and the girls. There were 180 pictures, so I was really picky about the ones that went on the blog.
 I took individuals with the girls.
 Love this one!
 Grandma came and got some with the girls.
 Then my two sweeties together.

 More of me and the girls.

This was so cute! I had to put it on.