Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mohoney annual Halloween bash

 October 26th-I love Mahoney parties! These are always so fun. They have Karaoki and tons of great food and people. I really wanted to be Maleficent this year, but all the costumes were lame so I made my own for about the price of a costume not on sale. It looks WAY better. Okay, the staff was last minute and stupid, but the head thing is amazing.

 I was also impressed with Danielle's Merida costume from Brave.
 Ryan rocking' it Kandom Style.
 Zack was crucified Jesus this year. He was regular Jesus last year.
 Jer went as the hulk and got some great pics with Zac.
 Ky was the whore of Babylon.

C.I.T. training

 October 26th- So twice a year I do police training. I get to act like I am a fifteen year old with borderline personality disorder, histrionic, hypersexual. I also have a anti-social, metally retartded brother, depressed-paint huffing sister, and drug addicted mildly retarded mother. We all dressed the part and had so much fun teaching the cops how to properly deal with perons with mental illness, substance abuse issues, or mental retardation.
 Karen (the mom), Lorraine (the sister), and I all work at wasatch. Chad (aka Jimmy the brother) works with the police.

My new patio!!!!

 So we finally got my new patio put in. It looks great! I am so excited. Kyle and Ricky came over to help. Here is Ricky chopping up stakes to hold the forms together.
 Kyle put together the forms so quick. He was really good at this.
 Ricky with his nail gun. He let me use it. Hehehe.
 Kev was over and helped us pull out an old stump of some sort. It was a piece of wood with metal at the bottom, we don't know what from.
 The wet patio as it was drying.
 The patio after I set up the furniture on it. It gets a tons more shade then the other part of the patio.

We were also going to pour a 9 by 9 foot slab, but ran out of cement to do all of it, so I have a 5 by 9 foot slab and it's all formed up for when I get money to finish it.

Eye appointment

 Well Lexi has not been into see the eye doctor yet so we took her in. It was a lot of fun. She has 20/20 vision and doesn't need glasses, but while I waited for my eyes to dilate we tried on glasses. She was so cute in glasses. So was Lily, but she wouldn't let me get a good picture of her.

 Lexi is posing in these, she is so funny.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Starting the patio

 Okay, so I want my patio extended in my backyard, but it is WAY cheaper to do it yourself ($250 vs. $1200) so I am having a go at it. My co-workers are going to help me with the pour, but I have to dig and level and take out sprinklers, etc. Kevin and Krystal came over and helped me rent a tiller and we had some fun with that. Mostly we broke the tiller a few times and nearly set it on fire, but that's just how we roll. We actually got a lot done with it. These are all the sprinklers I had to tear out. Super fun (not really).
 I had to cap the line so here is before I capped it.
 This is the big area where the patio will be. I am going to move all the chairs to this area so I can sit in the shade from the deck and the kids can ride their bikes on more of the patio. Yeah!
 After the sprinkler was capped. Yeah me! See dad, I was paying attention when we did the sprinklers before at the other Provo house.
This is the GINORMOUS rock that I had to dig out. It is HUGE!!!! I did a size comparison to most of the other rocks I found.. I later found another rock about 3/4 the size of this rock almost right next to it. I need to get an updated picture because it is looking even better now.


 So my camera has been missing and I looked all over, except in the toys. Apparently Lily had taken it and left some good evidence. She took pictures of going down the stairs, her toys, her feet, etc. These are just a few examples.

Fixing the door round 2

 So when my dad came out, he wonderfully fixed our bathroom door. Yeah! Well since my family is a bunch of monkeys that like to swing on doors, it fell off again. First picture is the door off it's hinges. Second, we have the old vs. the new screws.

 Okay, so Lily stole my camera and got some pictures of me fixing the door. These were my favorites.

 Fixed, yeah!
Lily's picture of me in front of the fixed door.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bring a friend to gymnastics day

So we recently enrolled Lexi in gymnastics and this week she got to bring a friend. She wanted to bring Indy. They had a blast.

 Lexi spider crawling across the bars.

Awesome picture, I just wish there would not have been any glare.


 Lexi's school did a dance festival. The kindergarten class did a song about Jell-o. Lexi did great. She knew all the dance moves and did the end pose so cute.

Look at my girl. She is in pink by the way.