Thursday, April 3, 2014

My wedding- very brief version

 So I have over 1200 pics of my wedding at the temple, the reception, etc. I had my photographer and my sister in law taking tons so here are a few, a very few. Some great ones are on she has them featured below the sallay family pics.

Bridal Shower

We had a last minute Bridal shower the week before I got married. We had Allison, Kayo, Kristal, baby Sam, Grandee, Mom, Andy, Melody, Maddy, Carrie, and Kathy.  It was so much fun. It was a lingerie only party. We had amazing food and a lot of fun.

Welcome Brecka

We have a new staff at clubhouse. Her name is Brecka. Carrie told her that we have to sing a song at the first staff meeting and so she did. It was awesome. Maddy and Andy were her backup dancers.

Tea party with Ember.

Lexi has been begging for her friend Ember to come over and so I let her. She is such a nice girl and we had so much fun. We had a huge tea party/dinner with little sandwiches, chips, cookies, and chocolate or strawberry milk. Lexi behaved very well with Ember over. We even went for a walk all together and they played while I cleaned up.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Flower Party

We had a big get together to make flowers for my wedding. We made boutineers, corsages, a bridal bouquet, and 4 bridesmaid bouquets. It went fast and was super fun. My co-worker Kathy and her daughter Brooke were pros at the corsage and boutineers. Kristal and Rebecca worked on bridesmaid bouquets. Mom, Grandee, and I did centerpeices (I mostly just cut stuff). At the end Kathy and Brooke also did me bouquet and it is all so lovely. I loved using silk flowers so they will last forever!

Taking Lily for a walk

Lily was being a puppy. She told us her name was Blueberry and if we called her Lily she would bite us. (I don't think she really would) She put shoes on her feet and hands so she could go for a walk.

Lexi lifted up her leg so she could pretend to pee like a dog. It was a funny walk. People laughed and made cute comments and we walked by.

DAR February

February at the DAR mtg Abraham Lincoln came and did a presentation on his life. It was really good. I was also inducted this month so I am an official member of the DAR!