Monday, June 30, 2014

Las Vegas

Tom and I flew to Vegas! Ben paid for our tickets so we could watch Jen for the weekend. We had a lot of fun. We went to the converse outlet, re-arranged zack and Trever's room, got some amazing cheese from trader joe's, and got to watch half of Jen's play she was recently in.

Tom watching a movie with the boys. Tom taught Zack to make omlets while in vegas. He also had Brenden help him fix a stair rail. He is so cool!


A couple pictures from moving day. Lexi called the front room her jungle gym and climbed over all the boxes all the way to the back. She is kust like her mama that way.
 We put the ramp right up to the house so it was super easy!
This little guy kept us smiling all day.

DAR meeting

This was the meeting that I got sworn into as the Historian for our chapter of the DAR. Yeah!

Memorial Day

On Memorial Day Lexi was with Grandma Webb so the rest of us went with Tom's family up the canyon to make banana boats, s'mores, and other yummy food. Lily loves riding in the jeep with the windows out. Jessie brought her dog Sasha to play. Lily loved her. She was a great dog.

 These are my trouble making nephews Chris and Jake. They had me convinced I needed to go get two dogs. What was I thinking? I am not an animal person.

 Tom's friend Blair came up and visited with us.

Lily was so proud when she climbed up this steep hill on her own. That's my girl!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Lily's last day of talking time

 So all year I have been taking Lily to talking time for her speech. It is an hour once a week (that I have to take off of work) but it is so worth it. I can now understand Lily. Yeah! She first goes to individual time and practices words while playing games. This time she got to bring ONE toy and she brought the giraffe that Grams made for her name Rainbow.

 We were waiting for class to start and we decided to be silly. Lily has loved all the kids in her class. She had Micah, Austen, Dean, and Henry. For most of the year she was the only girl.
 Lily chooses the next game to play

 Lily got a turn

 Henry's turn

 Lily playing with Rainbow during of of the games.
Lily and Mrs. Lenore


So Lexi has been going to Haley to play with and help her get through all her rough emotions that she is feeling. Haley was not covered by insurance and we found someone who was so we took a few pics of HAley and the clay animals that Lexi had made.

Lexi's awesome walk

 Lexi and I went on a lovely walk together. To our suprise we saw a ton of animals. We saw a random bunny that was loose. It is under the red truck. It was right next to us, but hopped away as I got my phone out. Next we saw a deer. It was so calm and got right by us. We also saw quail, robins, other birds, a cat, and a few dogs. It was our secret little walk, well until now. :)

Ride at Walmart

We were at Walmart and the kids demanded I take their pictures on this silly ride. I obliged after some persuading argument. The kids had fun playing.

Lily the Pizza Chef

It was Pizza night at our house. Lily saw me do one Pizza and decided that she wanted to do the rest of them. She did them perfectly. She put flour on them and then rolled them with the soda bottle. (rolling pin is in storage) Then we decorated them together. She loved it and was so proud of herself.