Friday, July 30, 2010

Horsing around

Our family was playing horsy one night, a favorite for Lexi. Grandma helped us out a bit. Lexi rode on Daddy.

Lily rode on Lexi.

Lily fell off Lexi as Lexi tried to gallop away, good thing grandma was there.

Everyone rode daddy.

Some of us fell off daddy.

First trip to the Dentist

June 28th, 2010 - Lexi's first dentist appointment. Lexi did great. I went first so she could see that it was no big deal. She got a little nervous at the sound of the water, but did great. She has all the teeth she is supposed to have and they all look healthy and cavity free.

Lexi had to sit on me the whole time. She did really good and opened her mouth and held still.

She was excited to get her own new tooth brush with a princess and her own mini toothpaste.

Yes, this was very uncomfortable for me.

Fountain Fun (almost)

Everytime we go to the library in Highland we see this park with the water fountain and we want to go play, but we don't have our swim suits. So finally we get over there with swim suits and it was just turned off due to rain and possible lightning. We were disapppointed, but Lexi still had fun playing in the left over water and rocks.

Queen of the rocks, watch out boys!

We still had a good time and we'll come back later when it's not stormy.


My co-worker Melody made the girls some really cute hats. They loved them and matched their outfits really well.

Lexi didn't want her picture taken so I was trying to chase her down to get her picture.

It was a bit rainy outside and Lexi was loving playing in the rain, she must get that from me.
I can't get enough of my smiley girl.

Puppet Show

July 26th, 2010 - Family Home Evening Jeremy was trying to do a puppet show and Lexi was trying to roll herself in the blanket. It was funny, and a little disasterous. Lexi then wanted to help, which Jeremy was okay with.

Lily stands

July 26th, 2010 - Well one morning Lily decided she was extremely coordinated. She started going from a crawl to a sit, and she started pulling herself up to stand on things, and has been doing it ever since. I also discovered I could put hair clips in her hair without the band around her head! Lexi wasn't able to do that until she was nearly 20 months, so this is a big deal for me. Go Lily!

She goes from crawling to sitting to standing in these four pictures. So amazing how sometimes they just suddenly get how to do something.

Well she got her toy now, so she was happy to be sitting again.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Slip and Slide

Jer got out Gabe's old slip and slide and set it up for Lexi to play on. She loved it (of course). She didn't mind that it was cold water, but Lily did. Lily freaked out until we wrapped her in a blanket and I held her. Then she was all smiles.

Lily freaking out at the cold water.

Lily happy once more now that she's sunbathing.

I couldn't not put both smily pictures up, they are both so cute.

Jeremy would drag Lexi through the slip and slide. This was her favorite thing to do. Jeremy tried to have me drag both of them through, but I wasn't strong enough and Lily got mad and I was getting soaked, so we stopped that.

Chilling in the water pool at the end of the slide.

Lexi wrapped up in a towel, just a funny picture.

I love my girls, they are so funny (and so cute).

Car Wash

Jer has the kids on Mondays and Aubrey came over so Lexi decided they wanted to wash the cars. Jer was okay with that and put Lexi to work. She actually did a great job and loved to be in the water.

Lexi washing the car.

What a hard worker.

Good job Lexi.

What a daddy's girl.

Making Cookies with Grandma

July 18th, 2010- Lexi wanted some cookies and we didn't have any so Grandma and Lexi decided to make some. I think grandma made the dough and then Lexi helped roll and cut them out. She also helped color the frosting. She kept adding a little of this color and then a little of that color. It turned out a really pretty lavender. The cookies were delicious. Thanks Grandma!

Lexi loved cutting out the little people. She also liked the flowers.

Lexi frosting the people very carefully.

Lexi's favorite part was licking the knife. Grandma went through just about every knife she had because Lexi kept sampling the frosting. I can't blame her though, it was yummy!


July 18th, 2010- It has been a lot of fun having Jeremy out of school for 6 weeks. We are able to do a lot more fun stuff that the girls and I don't do a lot because he is around to help. This day we went to the park and played. Lexi loved it!

Lily and I relaxed in the shade and I fed her some.

Lexi all red in the face from playing.

Lexi going up the slide backwards.

Coming down the slidenbackwards.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Well we have grandpa with the black truck to thank for these. For Lexi's birthday he gave her a cowgirl shirt. She loves it and calls it her wee-haw shirt. (That's instead of yee-haw) When she wears it, and she loves to wear it, she insists that she's a cowgirl and we are her horses. We have to give her horse rides and stuff. Thanks grandpa.

The shirt is so cute, it even has a cowboy hat in back with a carrot in the back pocket.

Lily watching the action and cracking up from her toy.


Lily sitting on Jer's lap. I had all these random pictures to post but didn't want to do separate blogs for them so here you go.

Lily is teething so bad right now and is getting kind of screechy at time, but still gives us huge smiles. Here she was chewing on her fingers to ease her poor little gums. No teeth yet, but she does say Mom.

Grandma reading to Lexi. I think this is Grandma's feather bed. Lexi loves being read to.

Smith's was having 50% off the clearance price on these sheets. Lexi is really into mermaids and princesses. We thought it would be nice to have something child-like in her room. She loves them and was so excited. I am going to make a blanket to go with them.