Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cupcake Date

February 28th-Jer and his mom went to a cupcake making class, so the girls and I went to a fancy cupcake place and got some cupcakes. They even had gluten free ones, and they were amazing! Note to self: They had corn flour in them because I got sick, but soooo worth it!

Lily chose a Strawberry Vanilla cupcake. Lexi ordered a Strawberry Cheesecake. I got a gluten free Red Velvet Cake one.

Oh, what a day!

February 26th- Jer was out golfing with Ryan and I was with the girls and we decided to take some pictures of a regular day at our house. Here is Lily making a mess of her spaghetti. This kid loves to eat.

Lexi coloring on one of her many projects. Her latest craze is illustrating my teenage journals.

Kids on a cooking spree.

Lexi cooked while Lily passed her all the ingredients and bowls and such. It was super cute.

Kevin came over for dinner and this is him doing CPR, lexi looks in great need of it.

Domestic Disbute Derby Style

February 25th- Another Derby game!!!!! It was a lot of fun. I got sent to the penalty box, sort of. We had a blast, even though we lost 89-131. I am starting to get the hang of it.

Ballet Class

Just some pictures to show how tall my daughter is. She towers over all the girls in her class.

Visit to the Post Office

February 24th-Lexi's class was going on a field trip and I happened to get that time off so I got to go. Lexi was so excited when I walked into her class.

Robin was the mail worker that gave Lexi's class a tour. It was very fun to see all the big machines.

The kids had to stay in line, Lexi did really good.

They weighed the class and together these kids weighed 630 pounds.

The loading area was loud and Lexi had to cover her ears.

After the tour, the kids got to mail letters to loved ones.

Looking to see that her mail disappeared.

The Dad Quilt

February 14th-So I have been sitting on this project since September. Jer's dad passed away and his mom was getting rid of all his stuff. She gave it to me to give it to me work. I happened to see two coats sticking out. They were the coats that despite the entire family telling Rex how ugly they were, he still insisted on wearing them. Well I am a sentimental sometimes and I wasn't quite ready to let go of everything so I kept them. I didn't know what to do with them. A few weeks later I thought to make a quilt for Jer with them. So I started cutting out pieces. Then I got busy and put it away. Christmas came and I got it out and started on it again, then got too busy with everything else. Jer's birthday came and went and all the pieces were cut, the design done, I just needed to sew. On Valentine's day I got up super early and sewed the entire blanket! Wow, can I say I am my mother's child? Yes I am. Anyhow, Jer loved it. He likes to cuddle with it and stuff. In my defense, I got him Valentine's day presents not related to this in case I didn't finish, so it was a good Valentine's day.

Our Valentine's Day Treat

February 13th-Lexi's class invited the parents to watch them perform a song for us. They did a song about 4 hugs a minimum or something like that. It was really cute. Lexi did well and we got it on video.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sally gets a new bed

So we got a LaLaLoopsy playhouse with a doll that Lexi named Sally. She really wanted to made a bed for her. We went down to the fabric drawer and Lexi picked out all the fabric and lace. It was fun. Lexi cut out some green fabric and put it on the red side as a design and I sewed it on. It was fun. I was reminded of when I made Golly B. Stone with my mom after her gollbladder surgery. (We made an animal like cover for the jar that held her goll stones)

The girls loved wearing the mattress and blanket.

The girls loving Sally.

Mattress, pillow, and quilt.

Jer's birthday

February 9th-Jer was one spoiled boy this year. He got a driver golf club, a wireless mouse & keyboard, a video game (Halo 10th anniversary), new socks & g's (he needed them), lots of candy, soda, and some brush tees for golf. Everything on his list except one (I got him the chipping net for valentine's day). He was a happy boy. The kids loved helping him open his presents.