Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dancing with Dad

November 20th - Jer was out for the weekend and Lexi came up and asked him for a dance and was very certain that they needed to dance on the bed. It was so cute!
They danced on their knees for a bit too. What a cute moment. So glad Jer found our camera!

Feeding Myself

November 20th - Lily has been begging to feed herself and I just don't like messes so I haven't been letting her use her spoon, but I decided it's about time. (she was getting a bath that night anyway)
She loved it! She was soon using her fingers.

Oh, what a mess!

Soon enough it was bowl to face and then on the head! She was so cute, even covered in oatmeal!


Lexi and I have been painting. I need to get a picture of Lexi's other painting. This is her second painting.
This is my first painting.

Here is my second. It is supposed to be water and a sunset. We'll get better.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trick or Treating

October 30th - It was raining and Lexi still wanted to go. What a trooper and she didn't want an umbrella either. She would run away so I couldn't cover her. She was so cute and silly. I loved going with her.

Me chasing her with the umbrella, what a wild thing she can be, like her momma.

She got good at Trick or treat!

Ward Halloween Party

October 30th - We went to our ward Halloween Party and the kids had a blast. There was a scary Spook ally, Fortune teller, games, food, and tons of dessert. Super fun and early enough for people to still go trick or treating (no trunk or treat here!)

Lexi at the fishing pond

Lexi was a good shot, better then me.

Lexi did those!

I made that cute face!

Lexi helps Lily straighten her wings.

Action shot.

Lexi got to color her own treat bag.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

September 26th - I do not recommend this to any of those offended by bad language, sex scenes, or anything scandalous. The movie itself isn't that bad, but the lady injecting her own comments into the show was over the top, like she had something to prove. She used the f word so many times I lost count. Crazy. Anyhow, I went with my co-workers and we went out afterwards and had a good time, but I was a little shell shocked.
Carrie and I. Rand didn't want his picture taken.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Our first gig

October 25th - Our first gig for our band, Side Effex. We played a few songs at our Halloween Party. We did two songs Sweet Home Alabama and Learning to Fly. We encored with half of Knocking on Heaven's door.

Melody held a sad Lily so I could play.

Me trying to concentrate very hard.

The hat had to go, it was distracting.

Our band that could make it to the gig. We have about three more that didn't make it, all guitar players.

Cute picture of my sweet Lily.

I put on my makeup while holding Lily so she wouldn't freak out when she saw me like this.

Halloween Carnival

Jer found the camera in his coat pocket!!!! I am so happy!!!!
October 25th - Halloween Carnival. I had to work an activity at work and took Lily with me and Lexi went with Rex and Colleen to Aubrey's school carnival. Aubrey got some great pics (if Aubrey is reading this can you send me some). Lexi had a blast playing in the fish pond, eating a hot dog, getting her face painted and her nails glittered.
Lily was excited to be there too. She loves hanging with grandma.

Lexi and I showing off our painted faces. One of the only pictures Lexi looks like me.

Aubrey loved seeing the girls. She looked great in her snow white costume.

Friday, November 12, 2010


No pictures! I lost my camera. We were very suddenly kicked out of living with the inlaws and in all the 2 hours I had to get my stuff out I didn't grab my camera and when we came with the moving van again I couldn't find it. So we are going to have a small break while I try to find it. I'll be sad if I can't find it because I have Lily and Lexi's Halloween pics on it and Lexi was sooo cute trick or treating in the pouring down rain.

Still can't find the camera, but we have found a nice two bedroom duplex that we can afford and is really great. So apparently some people have found this blog offensive and want it removed. Also that I should apologize. I think that I don't need to apologize for the truth. I think this is my blog and if it's offensive don't read it.

Good news though, we have another camera so I should be able to start doing some more fun blogs. Yeah! I love blogging my life as it happens, not an edited version to make others happy.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Turtle time

October 24th-Lexi has a great nursery leader Sister Frampton who she just adores. Sister Frampton got some turtles and invited the kids over to play with them. Lexi came over and is in a huge turtle stage. She loved it. She brought her fake turtle over to play with them and put it next to the real turtles. Here is Lexi petting chomper.

Chomper and his playdate, Lexi's turtle.

Lexi got to hold chomper. she was nervous at first as you can tell.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The 5th annual Mahoney Halloween Party

Jer and I started the night off with Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't fear the reaper" and rocked the house. I was on cow bell and really explored the space. Jer had "cow bell fever"

Fear Factor - Frozen Chocolate banana with chili pepper and unsweetened chocolate, drink with buttermilk, lime, lemon, and a few other things, and a mix with chow mein noodles, feta cheese, cabbage, and something else. I tried all the things, finished the banana and didn't throw up. Kyle won again. Jer did good until the feta cheese.

Ryan did Y.M.C.A with this group and I think won for more entertaining.

October 23rd - The Mahoney's had their party early this year so it wouldn't conflict with trick or treating or anything. It was a blast. So many great costumes and the food was amazing! We had fear factor and Karaoki.

Chris came as batman so Jer was super excited to get some pictures.

Ryan (Lex Luther) and Jer (joker) gang up on batman.

Wonder woman (Danielle) and Batgirl (Sharalee) ganged up on me (Harley Quinn)

Super Heros vs. Super villians.

Jer decided to suprise me with our wedding song, but was struggling so Danielle came up to help him out a bit. Thanks Danielle!

Jer had Ryan bring in flowers and Matt bring in a necklace. So sweet.

Me giving Jer a hug afterwards.

Trent came as a dementor late to the party, but it was the perfect entrance!

Tamara and I formed a band called Tamara squared and sang Lady Marmalade and we won for best voice.