Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Watch out world! (and I am serious)

October 24th-So Jer wants me to join the roller derby. 1 problem: I don't know how to skate. We went out and bought me all the gear, now I just need a pillow to tie around my behind. Jer thinks it would be good for me to have a hobby outside the house and he thinks derby girls are hot. My friend Danielle is a derby girl and she loves it, so I am willing to try it. Wish me luck.

Sandy Fun Center

October 24th-So we went here for me to buy skates and the kids wanted to play so we forked out the money for them to have a good time. I lapped them in my skates and practiced skating on the carpet (safer right?). It was fun.

Lily is getting brave!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Playing in the car

October 17th- After Lily went to bed, Lexi wanted to listen to a Katie Perry song that I had on CD so we went out to the car and rocked out to some Katie Perry together. It was fun.

Not again!

I don't even want to talk about it! The pictures talk for themselves.

Cali's birthday

October 16th-Cali's birthday was this week and they were coming up to Utah for family pictures, so we got to see Christy and the family twice. The kids and I went to Salt Lake on Saturday to hang out for a bit. Then on sunday we had them over for cupcakes and presents. The cupcakes were messy, but fun. I love the little cupcake faces.

Ballet Class

So Lexi was supposed to start Dance again in August, but we got a letter that the dance studio had shut down, so sad. So we again were on a hunt to find a great class that fit our child and our busy schedule. We found one that was super professional. If we wanted a professional ballerina this was the place to go, but it wasn't for us. Lexi had to have a tight bun, no skirt, and perfect outfit (pink tights and shoes, black leotard). Instead we found another class, much more relaxed. She can wear a skirt. We were disappointed not to find a combo class, but next year they will offer a combo class for her age. So she is focusing on ballet now, and they will be doing swan lake in December I think.

Planting our grandpa flowers

October- At the funeral, someone bought flowers for each of the grandkids to plant to remember grandpa. We finally found a place (and some time) to plant them. First we had to weed the area.

Then we dug a hole for the flowers. Not with silverware girls!!!

Lily loved digging, what a novelty for her.

Then we put in the flowers.

Lexi poured on some dirt and water while Lily continued to dig.

New Baby

October- So we found out a little while ago that my sister in law Ann is pregnant. Yeah, we are so excited. We love having babies around. Well Royce got super excited and bought a ton of stuff, including a stroller and car seat. He put it together at Colleen's house and we wanted to surprise Ann when she got back from work. We dressed up one of Lexi's stuffed animals and even put a diaper on it.

Royce trying out the new stroller. He isso excited to be a dad.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Three little cousins

October 2nd-The yearly tradition of posing next to the sunflowers continues.

Lily, Lexi, and Amber.

Thanksgiving point Farm & Pony rides

October 1st-So I took the kids to the Thanksgiving Point Farm Petting Zoo thing. We met up with Colleen, Aubrey, Trent, McCoy, Mitch, Nicole, and Amber. We had a blast. This was Lexi's first time. She was so impressed with the animals. Both the girls were fairly well behaved (until we had to leave)

Aubrey and Colleen helped to watch the kids.

The horses and cows were up first. Lexi is totally comfortable with animals. Lily was a little shy to pet them, but when riding the horse she was a total pro.

Inside one of the building we learned the process of how food comes from a seed to your table. It was great. The kids picked fruit and stuff.

Oops. I guess Trent said not to take a picture, but I was at the other end of the room and didn't hear. I was told after this was already taken. Oddly enough I couldn't find the delete button on my camera.

Lily loved the playground.

Lexi loved the jail.

Lily looking at the ducks. We fed them duck food and leftover crumbs of our sandwiches.

The girls loved the pony rides.

Lily was a natural horse rider. She even got to ride with one hand. She is so awesome!

Uncle Trent and uncle Royce picked up the girls so they could play with the spinny thing.

Grandma and Lily.