Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Bean Museum

February 22nd-Dad is in town all week so we are having fun going all over. We went to the Bean museum and looked at all the animals. Lexi loved all the real animals.

We saw a huge butterfly made of butterflies.

Even Lily enjoyed walking around looking at things. She would laugh at everything.

Fun at the Mall

February 21st- After dress up we went to the mall for lunch and play time. The kids had so much energy and loved the mall play area.

Keira and Lexi chased each other over, under, and through.

Jer and I took turns with Lily. She loved doing the big kid stuff, but was so little we were afraid she would get trampled on.

Eventually Lily just layed down for a rest. She was exhausted!

Dress up

February 21st- Keira came over to play. Lexi decided to show her the dress up clothes and they loved putting on all the different outfits.

Lexi even used props like mocrophones, hates, and purses.

Keira took the baby out for a stroll until Lily stole it from her.

Lily got all excited and brought me a dress to put on her. She looked so cute as belle with her dark hair and green eyes. I have two very beautiful little princesses.

Building a bookshelf

February 21st-Happy President's Day. We bought a bookshelf and put it together while dad went to a movie with Grandpa Webb. Both the girls were very interested in helping. I love Presidents day sales and we all love the new bookshelf.

Uncle Kevin Visit

February 20th- Kevin comes to visit most Sundays. This Sunday I had my camera ready. Kevin helped Lexi perform CPR on her elephant.

Lily's two front teeth.

Kevin does the Grandpa Masssey socks on ears trick, which the girls love! Lily likes to pull them off his ears and put them back on.

Lily loves to show off for Uncle Kevin.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jordan and Tanika's Wedding

February 14th- At the Ball I ran into one of the young ladies I had taught in Primary and her sister (who I also taught) was getting married. They got married on Valentine's Day, cute. They were really excited to see me and it was fun seeing her getting married, although I felt old! She was eleven when I taught her.

Lily and the fish!

February 14th- I took the girls to Walmart for some shopping and we stopped to see the fish. Lily loves the fish and laughs at them. It is hilarious.

The Fish liked to look at her and follow her around.

She even waved good-bye to the fish.

Valentine's Ball

February 12th- Jeremy was going to be gone on Valentine's day so we celebrated our Valentine's day on the 12th. We took the kids to grandma's house and had the day to ourselves. We went to a movie together and had lunch out. Then we got ready for our Valentine's Ball. It was at the Provo Library. It had dinner and a live jazz band with dancing. The ball gave everyone chocolates and each woman a red rose, so a man pretty much just bought tickets and they provided the rest. There were a lot of couples that really knew how to dance (90%). I even bought a new dress for the ball and attempted a fancy updo from you tube. I think I have too much hair for them to work.

On the wall they had all these sute sayings about love, this was out favorite from the author of Peter Pan.

Cute girls

February 12th- The girls and I were just having a fun time and Lexi and Lily were being really cute so we got some cute shots. Lexi was spinning and dancing. Lily was just smiling like crazy.