Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Story time with Grandma

Grandma had story time with the kids a couple times during our visit. They loved it. Lexi loves being read too. Grams did lots of fun voices and hand movements.

Lexi is peaking in on this one.

Aedan making the hand movements.

The incredible uncle Kevin

Lily missed the action because she was in the bath.

Uncle Kevin came home while we were in California and saved the day. There were so many kids and so much to do with Bill's office and we were all so tired. Then Kevin comes in with the energy level of the kids and helped keep them all entertained. Yeah Kevin!

Maegan helping to keep all the kids on.

A close up of all our happy children.

I love Maegan's face in this, so funny.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Is ten too much?

So I got this CD of pictures from Christy. She is an amazing photographer. Lily makes her job easy by being so cute and photogenic. (She gets good ones of Lexi too, which is harder because Lexi doesn't pose for the camera) These are some of the great shots Christy took while we were in California. Thanks Christy!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I made a Wedding dress!

August 21st, 2010- One of the members at my work was getting married and didn't have a wedding dress. She was going to get married in a grayed ugly dress she found at our thrift store. I have known her and her husband for 6 plus years and thought it would be fun to attempt a wedding dress. I did awesome. I even made it longer in the back so she could have a train. This is her and her husband after the kiss.

The front of the dress. I made the veil with headband too. She wanted pink and light blue to be in it since those were her colors. She took the dress before I had a chance to iron it. I was kind of upset about that, but hey, it's her wedding.

The back of the dress.

Some of the other people that came to the wedding that I work with.

The new couple starting their happy life together.

Dress up

August 20th - While in California Christy and I divided up all of Maegan's old dress up clothes. Well Lexi loves them and loves to dress up like a princess. She puts on the shoes, jewelry, crowns, the whole bit. It was fun. I remember dressing up with Maegan when she was small. Lily even got to wear a few things, though she didn't like it as much.

Lexi showing off her princess dress to grandma. She was actually smiling for the camera!

A different outfit for Lexi. I got the cape. Did I mention that I chopped my hair to donate it again? Well here is the finished project 11 or 12 inches later.

Lexi in her Aurora outfit using the fly swatter as her magic wand.

Lily thought we were quite crazy trying to put random things on her head, but she did enjoy going through all the clothes and making mischief.

Lily is now climbing stairs

August 19th, 2010 - Lily is climbing stairs! Last week she tested it and did one stair, now she can cruise up the entire flight of stairs with no problems. She loves doing it too. If I sit her down, she will immediately crawl to the nearest stairs and start climbing. Yikes!

Meeting Trever

August 17th, 2010 - Yeah, I finally get to meet my new nephew Trever. We stopped by on our way home from California. We had spent the night in Primm and got to Jen's house bright and early. All three of the boys were there and Lexi got to play with Zac, she was excited about that. Lily was very interested in Trever. She liked to look at him. I loved holding him. He was just so cute with his curly blonde hair.

Lily getting a good look at Trever.

Lexi took a break from playing with Zack to show some interest in Trever. She thought he was cute.
Jer loved him too. Who couldn't? Look at that cute face.

Jen with her new bundle of Joy. I can't believe she had a baby two weeks ago, look at her, she looks great.

Lily kept stealing Trever's socks. I think she really liked his toes. I love baby feet, she must love them too.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Yard Fun

August 14th, 2010 - So I stayed up all night priming and got up early to paint, so I was so glad when I could sit in a lawn chair and watch the kids use their energy playing outside, I wish I still had that kind of energy!
Cute little Cali stole my chair. She got my phone later too and was so adorable pretending to use it.
Kevin and Maegan played with the kids while we relaxed.
Maegan takes a break from climbing. The kids really had a good time and didn't realize all the work that was going on.

Happy Father's Day

August 13th-16th - Jeremy said it would have been easier to buy bill a shirt. I agree. Let me explain. I decided to do the floors in Bill's office for his Father's day present. Little did I know what a job that would be. We got there and there was floor to ceiling boxes, printers, stuff, etc. We spent all Friday night removing all the stuff from the room only to realize the room was not even primed yet. Yikes! You can't do floors and then paint! So Bill stopped and bought some paint and we stayed up until 1 a.m. priming the room. Maegan, Bill, Mom, Jer, and I all pitched in so it went pretty fast. Then we got up early to do two coats of paint before lunch when Geoff was expected home to help. Bill picked out the floors and Geoff and Jer got to work installing them with a few tips from the neighbor Tom. Christy, Maegan, mom, and I all watched the kids and Kevin helped out once he got home. I have no picture of the finished product, silly me, but it looked awesome! Still, next year a t-shirt!
I didn't know we were going to paint so I had to borrow some clothes from Bill. :)
Subliminal message anyone?
My mom and I almost done with the second coat. Thanks team for all the hard work! We did awesome!

Making pizza

August 13th, 2010 - We made it to Gram's house and we were starving! We had some delicious panini's made by Tim at Nikki's house, but that was hours ago. So my mom had us make our own mini pizza's. It was such fun! Maegs and Christy's kids were pros. We had a blast and the pizzas were sooo yummy!

Maegan, future chef, was tossing hers in the air. It was quite impressive. She even got her apron on for making pizzas.

Lexi sampling the ingredients before using them on her pizza.

Cali and Aedan, the pizza pros.

Meeting Amber

August 13th, 2010 - After a week of camping with my work, I got to go on a well deserved vacation to California. We were going to meet our new neice Amber in California and our new nephew Trever in Las Vegas. We got to California and our first stop was meeting Amber. What a cutie! She was in her pirate outfit. She has a ton of really cute clothes. I loved holding her, it made me realize how big Lily has gotten.

Lexi gives Amber a kiss. She has been so excited to meet Amber and has talked about it a lot.

Jeremy is holding both Amber and Lily. (Lily is trying to grab at Amber, she was really interested in someone smaller then herself). Lexi wanted in the picture.

Jer and his sister with their babies. Lily was once that small and now she's gotten so big!

Grandma and grandpa Webb with most of their grand daughters. We're all getting together for Christmas to get pictures with all the grandkids, that's going to be awesome. I was impressed that Lexi wanted to be in the pictures and she was actually smiling! She rarely does that. I usually have to work to get those pretty smiles.

Lexi has her serious face on because she's trying to be really careful with Amber.